Saturday, January 31, 2009

January Training Summary

Some of the loyal readers of this blog (I think there are three!) have asked that I continue to provide occasional updates on my training as I prepare for my 6th Western States on June 27th.

So, I thought I would give a monthly update starting in January with a few stats as we close out the month:

In the month of January I ran:

33 times and logged 326 Miles
Longest Run - 38.5 miles
Shortest Run - 3.2 miles
Max HR in training - 178
Min Resting HR - 36 (Jan 16th)

I am now in a mini-taper for RR.

Hope you're all healthy. It's getting closer....


Thomas Bussiere said...

Good luck at Rocky. I hope you pass me before Jorge does!
Looks like it will be on the warm side.

Craig Thornley said...

I would like to see more metaphors, too :-)

Hope you have a great race at Rocky.

Anonymous said...

"Max HR in training..."
Do you measure your HR doing other activities?

Unknown said...

I'm loyal - did ya count me? I have to look at your blog AND training log in order to determine you degree of "sand baggingness"

I think your next poll should be who is the bigger "sand bagger" you or Kulak?

O Dog said...

I am curious about your heart rate(s). You peaked my interest a couple of months ago by posting (on Ultra list) your lucky 142 or 143 average.

I'd love to see a post about the amount of training in at different intensities/heart rate as they relate to your max/hr or AT.

Most of what is written about hr training is really geared toward much shorter races than what you are training for and I wonder about any differences.