Friday, January 16, 2009

Who will win the Ten Year Bet?

Over on "Conduct the Juices" (see sidebar) you can read about the 10-year bet. Please take a moment to vote on who you think will win:


Bryon Powell said...

Is that the best you can do ole Three Names? I expected better smack talk from you. Given your lackadaisical approach to the ten year bet, I had to vote for Lord Balls... despite the two and a half hours you'll put on him this June.

Craig Thornley said...


How come you didn't update this post with the results of the ten year bet poll? I must say I'm shocked with the results. I thought readers of your blog would have overwhelmingly voted for you.

BTW, I like your new recent comments gadget. None of the other blogspotters have that. You got some skills, man.

AJW said...


I didn't want to post the results because I know the pressure would be hard for you to live with. I've been an underdog my entire life so this will be nothing new. It'll be fun to watch you try to catch me.


Anonymous said...