Friday, January 2, 2009

Someone Else Poll Results

The Someone Else Poll has closed and the people have spoken:

1. Jorge Pacheco
2. Michael Wardian
3. Andy Jones-Wilkins
4. Jasper Halekas
5. Jon Olsen and Someone Else

Hmmm, I wonder how many of these guys will break the top-10?

I'll post a poll for the women's race in a few days. The men's poll will stay up for 4 more days but Anton has a commanding lead at this point.


Anonymous said...

Age is decieving but you have to add to the WS list...Marco Olmo. Should be a few more as the Montrail Race Season heats up.


AJW said...


Certainly Marco deserves a look as does the Japanese guy who finished 3rd at TNF. That said, the highly touted Europeans and Asians who've come to Western States in the past few years (Vincent Delebarre and Jae-Duk Sim to name two) have been humbled by the heat and the hills. I remember passing both those guys (in different years) on Cal Street and they were hurting. Both went on to finish but with, shall we say, diminished expectations.

But, you never know...


rdljon said...

I was a kicker/punter in high school and college so "the someone else" tag is something I am comfortable with. By the way I better put down that gingerbread cookie and start training.

AJW said...

No Jon, keep eatin' the GingerBread Man. I hear it's good for the tummy. Maybe you should have your crew give you one this year at Green Gate:)

Happy New Year my friend!


Jasper Halekas said...

The people are kind. The people probably don't know I haven't run in about four months. Not how I was hoping to train for WS. At this point I just hope I can make it to the starting line. So, anybody have a spare hamstring they want to sell me?

My 2c on all of the polls. I can't believe Dave Mackey isn't getting more votes. He ran one of the top ten fastest WS times ever coming second to Scott's record in his first 100 (with a lot of stomach problems, as I recall). WS seems to be a race with a learning curve. I think Mackey is going to smoke this one the second time around.

Happy New Year!

AJW said...


Sorry to hear about the hamstring. However, maybe the forced rest will be good.

And, I totally agree with you on Mackey. In addition to his otherworldly Miwok there was this little race in 2007

As we know, if you can go downhill you'll do well at WS!


Paul DeWitt said...

Jasper - email me (lost yours) and I can give you some info on what has finally been working for my hamstring (after 18 months of pain).


Grae Van Hooser said...

I see the winner being from the lead group of Anton, Scott, or Dave.Dave Mackey has got to be the biggest threat at this point. He has the experience and doesn't seem to have a bad race. When Jasper gets his broken wheel fixed he will see that being down in January will prove to be a blessing in June. Jon Olsen is a real solid pick for top 10 if he can control his emotions until Foresthill and keep his stomach square, which it looks like he is currently working on. By the way, Ginger Ale is great for stomach issues in ultras. I learned that the hard way! AJW & Jon are solid for top 10. My dark horse pick for top 10 - Mike Wolfe.

Grae Van Hooser said...

Opps! I forgot Geoff Roes, if he gets in. Definite top 10 or higher potential. He should have petitioned the events committee - Rookie!

Geoff said...

good luck with that hamstring Jasper. i agree with you completely on that point about mackey (he got my vote). he's currently polling at 10%. i'd have to think his odds of winning are more like 30 or 40%.