Sunday, February 1, 2009

Western States/Hardrock Double?

Well, I signed up for the Hardrock lottery thinking I would not get in and only planning on building up tickets in the lottery for future years. As luck would have it I have ended up 12th on the wait list. In most years, this would mean I'm in but won't know until May. So, at this point I am looking at the WS/HRH "Double." The races are 13 days apart. I know Scott Mills has done this "Double" and may have the best aggregate time. Anybody have any advice for me? I fully plan on going hard at WS but I must admit I will be thinking about those Big Mountains for the next 5 months.

Oh yeah, Geoff Roes is 14th on the wait list which means he gets in too. He'll be tough to beat.


Anonymous said...

Wow, a lot to look forward to.

I don't have your email but I'd like to ask you (my quasi-coach) a question about tapering for a 100. Email me when you have a chance.

Have a great week and race.

Anonymous said...

sorry, email is

I obviously have no valid advice for doing both ws and hr. I have trouble planning my afternoon from day to day let alone two major races 5 months away.

AJW said...


email me at:


Anonymous said...

My advice,
Marry a girl from Sisters, get a degree in Education -- become an education professional, have several childern, move to Idaho, sign up for Hardrock and run it 13 days after a top 10 finish at States and finish Hardrock just for the fun of it.

Does it need to be any more complicated than that?

Geoff said...

looks like we're both pondering the same thing here. I still need to qualify for Western States but if I am able to then i just might do something stupid and try to run both of them as well... maybe we can go to therapy together :)

Craig Thornley said...

Maybe you need to ask Carson how old his dad is? You know that I think you're running too many 100s in the year so I won't reiterate it. But, if you do want to run Hardrock before your hips wear out and you're still competitive you're probably going to have to run it in a year you've run Western States.

So, I say go for it!

brownie said...

Since you're coming down here you might as well stay for Leadville too...

Meghan said...

As someone crazy enough to race 100k 8 days before Western States, I don't know what your problem is. Go hard at States. Your competitive nature and extra body fat will see you through a good race 13 days later.

Brad Mitchell said...

Be careful, you're treading a fine line.

Rogue Valley Runners said...

Come on Andy, I ran a 2nd place finish at LT and then ran 500 miles on the CT 9 days later. Oh yeah, and then I won the Bear 100 less than 9 days after that. Happy recovery.



rdljon said...

Andy. I think you should use WS as JUST a training run for Hardrock. You don't want to waste this opportunity because you don't know when you might get into the race again.


Anyone over the age of 40:)

AJW said...

I think, as usual, I like Hal's advice the best. That decides it, if they let me in, I'm in.

Now, Meghan, what that about body fat?
And Jon, I know what you're thinking. Training run...pfft!
Geoff, I hope we both do the double. Looks like Scotty Mills has the record when the runs have been two weeks apart.
And Craig, I know you keep thinking these 100's are going to destroy my body before the ten-year bet is over and time will tell. But, don't hold your breath.

Prudence said...

Hi Andy -
I am in exactly the same boat. I am 15th on the list and I heard ~20 get in every year?? I haven't been able to run much yet(calf injury) so I am leaning towards just doing HR but there's alot of debating to be done in the next 5 mths for sure. I will probably drive myself crazy.
I would say- Race WS and do your best @ HR just to get out on the course.Hope you are well.

Olga said...

Definitely both. Definitely hard. All gotta pull Ann Trason here. Or Hal.

Anonymous said...

Being 36th on the wait list I think you and the other 34 should pull your names out right now!

Seriously there is not a more amazing course or a better run race out there, but don't tell anyone. The only danger I can see in running both so close together is trying figure out which race you will want to sign up for next year!

Anyway you look at it Hal's advice is the best.

Good luck at Rocky and don't let that sandbagger Jaime beat you.

azspeedgoat said...

Andy, I am doing both as well. Tried to last year but the fire ruined my chance and then I got in to HR again. I am racing at WS, sub 20 (19:58)hopefully and then take my chances at HR. I will be behind you at both but what a great story to tell. Do both, you won't regret it. If you don't, you will always regret it.-Dream Big- Mark- AZSPEEDGOAT

AJW said...


Who are you? Where do you live in AZ? I lived in Phoenix for five years and loved it. And, you're right, it is the opportunity of a lifetime to run the WS/HRH double.


OD said...

Can you do both (all of them) and not give up more than 2:28 to LB at States?