Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Polling Update

Well, in the Men's Masters' Race you voted for:

Jorge Pacheco
Mark Lantz
Jeff Riley

Hopefully Jorge can recover from his torn plantar and get to the line ready to roll. Big surprise to me in this poll was that Neil Olsen got so few votes. Watch out for that guy. And, Thornley did as expected.

In the Women's race readers seem to think it's a three-woman race in this order:

Nikki Kimball
Krissy Moehl
Jenn Shelton

Finally, in the Ten-Year bet poll readers overwhelmingly chose Craig Thornley to win even though he is currently 2:36 behind. That will be a fun race to watch!

Now, I need to get to bed. Going 100 miles on Saturday and I bet FastED's asleep already!


Geoff said...

Kaburagi is going to be a lot tougher than the 4 votes he got might indicate. i mean the dude finished 3rd at the most competitive U.S. ultra in '08. that should show that he's able to run against top competition on a course that he likely knew very little about. i don't mean this as any disrespect to those who finished ahead of him in this poll, but i think he will likely finish way ahead of what this poll says. i think he is a legitimate contender for top 5 overall.

anyway, good luck at rocky.

AJW said...

Totally agree on Kaburagi. One variable at WS will be the dry heat. In talking to Hiroki and Jae Duk Sim in 2007 that's something it's tough for the Asian guys to train in and so it surprises them after Last Chance. That said, if he gets over here early enough he should be good to go and will make a run at sub-17.

Craig Thornley said...

I know this doesn't matter to you, JizzleWizzle, but you have a 2:28 lead on me in the ten-year bet. You finished 2:36 ahead of me in 2007 but I had an 8 minute lead after four finishes. Some old veteran once told me at the end of a 100 that every minute counts...

As for this year's poll, I'll proudly be in the company of Dan Barger with 0 votes.

Anonymous said...

Don't count Eric Grossman out; after two bad efforts at WS; a DNF and then a 22 hour finish. He's out to get the monkey off his back; you can't discount a guy who ran a 5:48 50 mile as a masters!


kate said...

GO on Saturday in RR!