Sunday, December 18, 2011

Returning to Running

I am so excited to be running again!

It was way back in August, the 18th exactly, that I came down with a severe case of PF and, I must admit, I haven't felt like a runner until this past week when I successfully ran 50 miles, on hills and trails, and am no worse for wear. In fact, I actually feel good.

Certainly, without a doubt, I am getting progressively older and I need to pay attention to that. In addition, I am not exactly lean and my weight can be a factor in my ability and capacity to go long distances. But, and this is a big but, I think, for now, I am back in the game. And that feels very, very good.

Obviously, this coming summer we have big plans; I'll be running Western States #9 and Hardrock #2. In addition, my family and I will be able to enjoy some quality time out West after spending a year here in the East adapting to our new lives. It's been good but it's not the same as powering through the Sawtooths every day, that's for sure. Furthermore, I have come to a place in my life and with my running that I know what I can do and I accept what I cannot do. That is an eye-opening experience and one that I continue to address every day.

In the end, we all run for our own reasons. Perhaps we run to escape or perhaps we run to evolve or perhaps we run to experience or perhaps we run to emote? We run to live and we live to run.

Some of us run because we want to and others among us run because we have to. We run to open ourselves up and we run to close ourselves down. It's an intensely personal thing and nobody should tell us how to do it, why we should do it, or what it means to us to do it. We know why, how, and for what we run, and that's all that matters. Running takes us places nobody else knows and makes us into the people we are meant to be. That's the way it has always been and the way it always will be. The rest will take care of itself.


grimmus said...

Were you wearing your Hoka's for last weeks training ?!

Jim R said...

AJW: I've been following your blog, for quite some time, but especially as of late since I was also unfortunate enough to recently develop a case of PF. I've already started PT including the Graston, which I'm hoping will get me back out there sooner than later. I was wondering, if the Graston was part of your PT from the beginning of your treatment, or was it something that came later? I have heard about several quick recoveries using it, although had never even heard about it until recently. I'm wondering if I also need to be thinking about the shoe change. Any help (to get me out sooner)would be appreciated.
Thanks, Jim R.

Run Home Pam said...

I'm a month behind you on the PF, AJW (rolling foot on icy water bottle at present). I have been swimming like a madman (4500 yds in the mornings), but it's just not the same. Encouraging to read that you're back in action. Best of luck this summer!

The Running Gator said...

Nicely put bro.

Art said...

Congrats on "defeating" the PF; I had it for two years. After it resolved, I resolved to continue the core training that had helped nuke it. My view is that the PF is always in me, so to speak, but will forever lay dormant now that I do core. GL, dude.