Wednesday, December 7, 2011


With the WS/HRH Double now set the family and I have spent the last 48 hours furiously planning for the summer of 2012. We need to book rooms in Squaw now before the lottery and the masses converge, we need to figure out what to do with the dog during the two races, we need to set up our itinerary of 14'er climbs in early July, we need to make sure all the kinks are out of our travel gear, we need to buy a new car, we need to get a new JetBoil, we need get the idea. It's going to be the "summer of a lifetime."

I must say, I was really really, really hoping this would happen. With my oldest son Carson turning 14 last month, Shelly and I realized the opportunities for full-blown summer vacations were running out. In addition, since we pretty much design our vacations around races, we knew that this three-week window between WS and HRH this year held the key to that one last great escape before life truly takes over. And, it happened.

You see, my family loves WS and HRH. We talk about these races all the time. We sit at dinner over mac and cheese and debate minimalist vs. maximalist shoes as well as the relative difficulties of the "Morton" course vs. the "Jurek" course vs. the "Roes" course. Hell, my kids even know Kyle's splits from the 2008 HRH!

To be frank, my family understands that there is nothing quite like running through the mountains with a bunch of like-minded people who get it. But, from my perspective, when you add to that a family that simply can't wait to get out there with you the experience becomes exponentially more meaningful. I know everyone reading this blog might not understand that but for those who do, you know what I mean. And this post is for you.



Anonymous said...

Yea . . . There is nothing like your wife and kids screaming for you on the sidelines. My daughter is four and when I hear her scream, "Go Daddy! Go Daddy! Go Daddy! Go!" I become rejuvenated, like how you feel after a couple shots of espresso. It is awesome!!!

Matt said...


Casseday said...

Very cool. Knowing that families like yours exist, makes me excited about the prospect of being a parent one day myself. We do have a very special community of folks in the ultra world. I think it's a great group of people for kids to grow up around.

I hope to meet you sometime soon now that you're an East-coaster.

Sounds like a GREAT adventure this summer.

Marcus said...

My family was always supportive, but always kind of wondered why Daddy was so crazy, and my wife supported me, but didn't see the allure.

After this weekend at the north face championships, they have said that watching me finish was something totally different.

The whole ride home the kids talked about entering 5k's and my wife wondered "just how long she could run for" despite not really being a runner, per se.

Congratulations on the entries! Sounds like a wicked Summer!

brownie said...

Come to Colorado Springs, we'll make a donut run up Pikes!

Dominic Grossman said...

I gotta admit, I love how you always giving hope for us youngin's to have a family that is a stellar support crew that loves the sport.

"Wow, your crew rocks, where did you find them?"
"My wife and I made 'em."

Sophie Speidel said...

We'll take Amigo!

Larry Linux said...

Sounds like an awesome summer. Working in education definitely has its perks!

When asked about my job I normally say "I love three things about teaching - June, July and August"

Hope you and the crew have an awesome time and safe travels.

Michael Owen said...

We should get together and do some long runs in 2012, if you're in Charlottesville? Maybe if I get lucky Saturday, I'll get to be in WS as well.