Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Been busy so I haven't been able to analyze the UROY men's poll. Not surprisingly, looks to be a two-horse race between Dave and Nick. Interesting to compare the two seasons. Dave seemingly gets the nod with impressive wins at sub-100 mile distances including at least one win head-to-head with Nick (AR, there might be others). But Nick had two incredible 100 mile performances over 13 days to accompany his stellar Spring in a series of other races and did beat Dave soundly at WS100 (their only head-to-head 100). To be honest, I am not sure yet how I would vote. Perhaps they'll both show up for the NF50 in San Francisco and settle the score there. Also, the race here in Charlottesville on the 24th of September could shake things up a bit, as well.

On the women's side, it's awfully hard for me to vote for anyone other than Meghan Arbogast. But, Ellie's WS100 was faster than anyone ever not named Ann. Also, Kami had some great races. Need to see how the rest of the year plays out, of course, but that's the way I see it now.

And, for individual performance of the year on the men's side (given that Ellie gets POY on the women's side) I've gotta go with Ian Sharman's Rocky Raccoon. But, if he doesn't count because he's not American (not sure about that) Mackey's CR run at Waldo is a close second.



GZ said...

Love both these guys, but I think the nod goes to Dave with more overall Ws.

Local Mind Media said...

Dave, for sure. I have a feeling he'll solidify that like cement at NF50.

Question: Does the UROY award lose value this year based on the non-American wins at all the big events? (I'm asking because UROY is attached to only N. Americans and N. Americans this year have not won the main races, so it seems it would have less meaning, like a usatf champ race where the winner isn't a usatf member, so the 2nd place guy, who is a member, wins the championship.)

Jon Allen said...

Hey, so are we going to see you at UROC? Or is your PF still acting up?

Sarah said...

I have to get in at least a nod for Adam Schwartz-Lowe of MN. He got a course record at Zumbro this year, won the Black Hills 100, and just this last weekend came in just 7 min back of the leader at Superior Sawtooth 100. If we don't see his name come up this year I can bet you that we will see his name later.

trampsliketom said...

Dave for sure, interesting though that Wolfeman hasn't even come into the equation. Granted he had a crappy Rocky Raccoon but 2nd at Miwok and States (just minutes behind Kilian) has gotta count for something.

Brett said...

Well its not over yet. Nick is racing rabbits this weekend and Dave Mackey is racing against a stacked field at UROC the weekend after this one.

JWW said...

For womens POY, Jennifer Pharr Davis overall record on the AT. Not a sanctioned race obviously but a "course record" that beats previous top times by Karl Meltzer and Dave Horton.

AJW said...

Footfeathers, indeed, UROY will not go to the world's best runner this year but it's always been a North American award and it certainly represents a great accomplishment rehardless. Whether or not it has lost stature in recent years is a matter of opinion, I suppose.

Jon, no UROC for me. On the shelf with a really bad case of pf. I will be there supporting the runners and Russ has some kind of role for me, as well.

Sarah, Adam sounds like a total under-the-radar guy but he deserves attention, for sure. Top-10 perhaps?

Tom, I was really surpried more readers of this blog didn't vote for Mike in my little poll. His WS100 would have won in most other years.

Brett, certainly not over, Especially if Nick decides to throw his hat into NFSF.

And JWW, JPD's AT run was mind-blowing. If non-sanctioned events are part of POY she would certainly have my vote.

nonfastguy said...

Though unorthodox, I would vote for team Salomon for performance of the Year.

Andy said...

I would put Diana Finkel's name in the hat for individual performance of the year at Hardrock. Not too many people had her winning after last year's post race health issues. Incredible overall placement as well considering the quality field of runners this year.

Also, why not allow international runners be awarded UROY? To me the award recognizes the best overall performances in N. America. If, for example, Killian had multiple wins in N. America this year I would think it odd if that wasn't recognized.

Greg said...

Why is UROY only open to North Americans? Only because they are the only ones who've won it in the past? What is the restriction? I agree with Scott Dunlap that it is/would-be a two-man race between Dave Mackey and Kilian Jornet.

AJW said...

The only reason I know of for the N. American UROY requirement is that it is the standard Ultrarunning Magazine (the de facto voice of the sport) has placed on it. If the requirement were changed I am certain the voting would be different.

And, I certainly know the publisher is quite aware of the international impact of this year's performances as he and I spent an hour or so talking about the fact that 8 of the top 14 runners at WS this year were from countries other than the USA

Craig Thornley said...

Interesting that Meghan hasn't won an ultra this year, but she didn't shy away from the competition and she didn't lay any eggs.

3rd Bandera 100K (USATF championship)
3rd Way Too Cool 50K
2nd Miwok 100K
7th Western States 100m
5th World 100K

She also ran a couple marathons but we can't consider those for UROY.

Local Mind Media said...

May want to consider Liza Howard. 3 races, 3 wins. Rocky Raccoon 100, Neuces 50, Bandera 100k. National champ at 50mi and 100k. Will likely win javelina 100 and who knows what else. AND she missed 7 months out of the year with a broken foot.

Jim said...

Meghan has had a great season, but with no wins it's tough to give her the nod for UROY. Ellie won WS, AR50, Chuckanut and others, with a course record at Chuckanut and times only exceed by Ann Trason at WS and AR. She did DNF at the WC 100k, but put up a strong 4th place finish (out of over 2000 finishers) at Comrades. With those results I think she's deserving of UROY.

Another women that should be given consideration is Darcy Africa:

Moab Red Hot 50k 3rd
Chuckanut 3rd
Collegiate Peaks 50M 1st (less than 1 min off CR)
Golden Gate Dirty Thirty 1st (CR)
Hardrock 2nd
UTMB 3rd
GC R2R2R crushed the (soft) FKT


Speedgoat Karl said...

What if Meltzer wins 3 100s off the couch? :-) Show me some love man.....
4th at RR, 14:27
C2M, well we know that one.
2nd at Antelope 100 16:06
1st Massannutten 100 18:06
HR DNF, but we dont' count those right?
3rd Wasatch 20:59...of the couch with the flu..

Show me some love man.......:-)

Im not done yet either.

Of course, niether is anyone else.

Speedgoat Karl said...

Oh yah, I forgot, 5th at San Juan Solstice 50, 9:45. :-)

sharmanian said...

Surely Ellie's favorite for female UROY? Wins at Chuckanut, AR50 and WS100, plus a great 4th at Comrades (which is way better than her win at the World 100k last year). Although she's only as North American as me and did just run for Team GB.

For the men, Mike Wolfe must rank up there with Dave and in their 2 races, Dave just won at Miwok but Mike was a long way ahead at WS100, both new races to Mike but not Dave. Don't forget his W2C 50k win too - that's top performances at 50k, 100k and 100 miles. But his Rocky Raccoon doesn't really count since it was just a pre-season training run (I'm personally glad he wasn't on better form :)).

Olga said...

Andy, really, you and IT both, took posts down? Got all this discussion going, and wussed out? It was just getting interesting:)

Brad Mitchell said...

I'm curious as Olga - post removed as well as your linked blogs? AJdub whats up? Do tell:)

Wyatt Hornsby said...
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Wyatt Hornsby said...

AJW and others:

As I was saying/inquiring on Lord Balls' blog, this isn't the first year that a non-North American male ultrarunner MIGHT be considered deserving of UROY and yet inelligible due to established criteria. Seems to me that in the 1980s and 90s (I tell you, eons ago!), Yiannis Kouros of Greece (and later Australia) was dominating the sport at a ridiculous level. He was winning and setting CR's at Spartathlon and also ran just shy of 190 miles for 24 hours (a record that will stand for generations). He set records for not only 24 hours but also 48 hours, 6 days, 10 days, etc. Some of his greatest performances were on American soil, such as the Olander Park 24-hour in Ohio, Across the Years, and of course Sri Chimnoy. For many who think ultrarunning begins and ends with trail running, what Yiannis did might not be as appreciated as it should be.

Anyway, I'm wondering if back then there was any chatter about whether Yiannis should have received UROY?

We love to think that stuff today is all-new and better than ever and that we've never seen it before. That's often wrong. I've come to realize that there's a precedent for almost everything. We just choose not to find it!

Nevermind the fact that Yiannis is my hero. Here's one reason why: