Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am really excited about this weekend's race here in Virginia. While I cannot run it due to this nagging case of pf I am dealing with I will be there and it should be alot of fun. In addition to the great field of runners assembled my good friend Bryon Powell is coming out from Utah to cover the race for and I am going to tag along with him (and also give him a tour of the three local craft breweries, Devil's Backbone, Starr Hill and Blue Mountain). I'll probably do a few Tweets along the way and perhaps Bryon will let me jump in to some of his pre-race interviews.

Gill and Frannie have also asked me to be part of the video coverage for the race. We'll be doing irreverent Red Carpet interviews at Wintergreen on Friday afternoon and then I'll be part of the panel discussing the race that evening from 7-8pm. Then, on race day, I'll be providing voice-over commentary for the video that will be shot. That's going to be really fun as I think it's the first time that almost live video will be posted (at least within a couple hours of it being shot) with real time commentary as an accompaniment. And, it will give me ample opportunity to wax poetic about the various athletes punishing themselves into the ground on the Blue Ridge. Here is the press release describing the video coverage:

Should be a fun weekend!



Bryon Powell said...

AJW, is the ultrarunning world ready for another video collaboration between AJW and me? Break out the beer and the belly laughs, cause we're ready to roll!

Scott Dunlap said...

I can't wait! That video is going to be great...