Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mountain Life

As readers of this blog know, my family and I are getting ready to leave our beautiful mountain home here in Idaho in the next few months to take on a new adventure in Virginia. I had a couple things I wanted to do before we left and I did one of those things today.

You see, there are not many places in the world where 3200 vertical feet of snow and mountain loveliness lurks outside your door. But here in Sun Valley it does. So, today, I set out to run up and down the Mountain in the morning and then ski the Mountain (top to bottom) five times in the afternoon. It took a bit of logistics but I got it done.

My alarm woke me up at 4:30am and I gulped my coffee while strapping on my YakTraks. I ran from my house to the base of the mountain and then climbed the 3200 feet in just over an hour. After warming my hands in the mountaintop lodge I descended the mountain and went off to work. It took me until lunch to thaw out!

Then, at around 3pm I made it over to the hill and skied my butt off. An hour or so later I had gone up and down those same 3200 feet five times (up on a lift, down on my skis) and my adventure was over. Indeed, it was good times all around.

I guess now it's time to get ready for Coyote 2 Moon and whatever else the Spring has in store. As my mom always says, "We only live once!"


Steve Pero said...

Good luck in Virginia, my 2nd choice for a place to live. I spent many a winter driving down from NH to remember what it was like to run on dirt, ran many a race in Virginia. The VHTRC are one of the best....
Now I'm in New Mexico and loving it :-)
Oh, have fun at C2M, too!

Speedgoat Karl said...

3200' in an hour, you be the favorite, hope your bowling skills have improved. See in in Sunny Cal!

Unknown said...

No worries, we got mountains too!
Hope we can show you some nice trails in the summer. If you want to stay in the loop, check out http://charlottesvilleareatrailrunners.blogspot.com

See ya