Thursday, January 7, 2010

UROY - Female Division

Took a stab at a UROY list. Let me know what you think:)

1. Kami Semick
2. Krissy Moehl
3. Jamie Donaldson
4. Anita Ortiz
5. Caitlin Smith
6. Bev Anderson-Abbs
7. Devon Crosby-Helms
8. Meghan Arbogast
9. Joelle Vaught
10. Nikki Kimball

And, I am not sure if this is correct, but among these ten I don't believe there was a single dnf. I'm sure someone out there will correct me if I'm wrong:)


Unknown said...

Sorry, gotta go with Jamie as #1. Kami's 100K performance helps but Jamie's results through the year speaks volume. You'd have to go to her blog for all the results.

Dan Rose said...

FYI, here's Jamie's impressive year. Outside of the stomach issues she had in Leadville (which slowed her to 2nd place), she was bullet-proof:

* Rocky Raccoon 100 (2/7/09)--1st female, 3rd overall-16:51

* Delano Park 12 Hour Run (3/14/09)--1st overall (78 miles) & new women's course record; tied men's course record

* 24 Hour World Championships/Italy (5/2/09)--4th female, 1st American, 20th overall--136.83 miles

* The North Face Endurance 50 mile, WA (6/6/09)--1st female, 9:42

* Badwater 135 (7/13/09)--1st female, 5th overall-27:20

* Leadville Trail 100(8/22/09)--2nd female, 21st overall- 21:53

* Self-Transcendence 24 Hour in Ottawa, Canada (9/26/09)--1st overall, 133 miles, New American TRACK Record in the 200km (21:01)

Bryon Powell said...

We would choose the same ten women and our top two would be the same, but we'd differ on order from there.

First off, I'd move Joelle significantly up the list. I'm thinking fifth. She may have had the most competitive schedule along with Kami and Bev.

Bev's strength of schedule would have me move her up, as well. I'm honestly impressed much more by consistent results in competitive races than one or two big wins or course records.

brownie said...

My vote is for Jamie. Though she was at one point, very early on, losing to me at Leadville. That can't help her chances.

Dave Mackey said...

Who cares if these elites didn't DNF or not? This whole anti-DNF kick is imposing one's values on others, much like when the religious nuts knock on your door trying to convert you to their beliefs.
For me, if I am not close to blowing a gasket in any given race then I am simply not trying hard enough. If I do blow a gasket and it ends in a DNF, I am still happy. I didn't complain after my Western States run because I knew I was running close to the edge; I was going for a CR and that is what it takes, and I don't mind going to that edge as it makes me realize what I can do. (True, I have dropped from races a few years ago (notably Zane Grey in 2003 or 04) when I shouldnt have.)
Things may be different for AJW and others; that is fine, whatever floats your boat. For AJW he must finish no matter what; good for him. But he shouldn't impose his values on other elites..

Joy said...

Krissy and Anita each won one big race and really nothing else(both won two small 50K/50M races). Due to this I would drop them a little in the rankings. My top two would be Kami and Jamie based on the quality and quantity of their races this year.

Rogue Valley Runners said...

No shake up for the top 2, pretty easy to vote them in.

@joy, easy girl, course record at Leona and a win at Pocatello 50 (cr) aren't little. Oh, and a runner up at a small one, Western States.

I'm not sure where the 200k stuff ranks.


Speedgoat Karl said...

Kami did it on the world stage, tough to judge in the US, when none of the other world athletes visit our country. So who knows how good it was? We can only go on time.

It's a shame Kami didn't show up at NF, that would have sealed the deal either way. I don't know if she was injured, hope not.

Jamie has been super solid, that means something too. We all know I think volume counts for something.

Two different runners really, then there's Caitlin Smith who smoked lots of races, with lots of CR's, but she loses a little credibility cuz' of comp.

Anita and Krissy, get in the "performance of the Year" category, but yah, not enough volume to put them on top. Perhaps the future for Anita after her and Diana Finkel duke it out at Hardrock....if Anita gets in. We know Diana is in.

Joy said...

Hal, My point is one win in a race over 50M makes it hard for me to put KM 2. Not sure why u think a 21 hour 200k is not a big deal. Not sure there are many females that can run 125 miles in 21 hours.


swolfe said...

I think very few people, much less anyone commenting or judging anyone's performances on this blog, know what it takes to win a race like Mt. Blanc, or win Western States for your first 100 Miler.

The body of work for all of these women were very solid. I think it's unfair to diminish the value of someone's performance because it isn't over 50 miles.

Congratulations to all the ladies who were fortunate enough to have their names included on this list.

Rogue Valley Runners said...

@joy-The comment "and really nothing else" upsets me. I would almost find it necessary to conduct a vivisection on all of JD's results but that's not fair to her. But participants, competition, time to course record, and certainly quality all come to mind. Suffice it to say that after a comment you made about the TNF championships in 2008 and Kyles effort there I can't imagine what your criteria is for UROY.

I'm dropping it.

Joy said...

Hal, just to clearify things for you, if I had a vote for UROY, which I don’t, it would be for Kami not JD. Just like you support the runners that work in your store for minimum wage, I support the Ultra runners that I look up to. Not sure what I said about Kyle in “2008” but I intended no disrespect. I met and watched him at Hardrock last year and he is a class act.

AJW, now I know how you feel when you share your option!


AJW said...

Joy, I am not sure what you mean when you say "now I know how you feel when you share your option" Can you please explain?

Tom Boileau said...
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Bob - said...
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Bob - said...

Come on AJW I am not a betting man but I will bet a large dollars Joy meant to say "OPINION"

AJW said...


Thxs for pointing that out. Honestly, I had no clue but now that you mention it it makes total sense.


Dan said...

Suzanna Bon needs to be on the list for sure. The CR at San Diego and her SF One Day were amazing.....let alone all of the other wins she threw down this year.

I will never read ultrarunner mag again if she is left out of the top ten.