Friday, January 15, 2010

Ghost Town 38.5

Heading to NM in the morning for one of the great ultras on the circuit.

I'll write a report on Sunday night after gorging on the best food this country has to offer and running in some of the most special country I've seen.

Hope everybody enjoys the long weekend!


PS -- While it's still way too early to really make a call on this, recent weather patterns are indicating a significant late-season El Nino on the Pacific Coast meaning lots of snow in the Sierra. We haven't had much snow at The Dance since 2005 but this could be another one of those years. That. coupled with heat, could make things very interesting. Time will tell...


Bryon Powell said...

I'm hoping you're right about the Sierra snow, but know that we're at about 50% of the usual snow water content level in some places. That said, 6-10" of liquid equivalent in the next week could get us caught up quick!

Enjoy NM, see you in SLC.

brownie said...

Good luck and run hard!

But can you imagine the comments here if you went down there and DNF'd???

AJW said...

Good one Brownie! Yeah, it would be interesting if I dnf'd tomorrow.

But, if I were you I wouldn't bet on it:)

AJW said...


Yes, you guys are low now but it can catch up in a hurry and the long-range forecast suggests a vigorous El Nino in the next 6 weeks. In 1995 (the fire and ice year) most of the snow fell in March, April and May and had no chance of melting by race day. Get your snow blower ready:)

Hank Dart said...

Nice work today, Andy. Can't wait to read the details.

Grae Van Hooser said...

Last week it snowed 8 ft. Content is 100 % of normal as of today.

Anonymous said...