Friday, December 11, 2009

Men's Ultra Performance of the Year - 2009

While there are a few weeks left in the year it looks like, at least for the people who bother to read this blog, Geoff Roes' Course Record Run at Wasatch is the Men's Ultra Performance of the Year. Coming in 2nd was Anton Krupicka's Course Record at White River followed by Ulli Steidl's NF50 and Hal Koerner's WS.

Certainly, there are many other potential performances that could be in the mix but these four emerged over the year as the top-four.

In the coming weeks, look for a series of polls on this blog on a variety of different ultra related topics. And, if you are interested in any particular topic that might be a good subject for a poll, please let me know. I probably won't start writing about Western States until, oh, I don't know, maybe Christmas.

Anyone start thinking about New Year's Resolutions? One of mine is to train and race well enough that when I get to Robie Point on the evening of June 26th and glance to my right down the fire road there will be no visible lights bouncing up the trail. What are some of yours?


aka Moogy said...

To get my ankle (achilies) healthy enough to bust one out at Western, finish HardRock and survive those two to run Fat Dog. PLEASE Santa!
Best to you and your family!

William Swint said...

What about Erik Skaggs' Where's Waldo 100k? I think it needs to be considered on this list.

Happy Holidays

Andrew said...

here here about Geoff's Wasatch run... CRs all year long for him!

my resolution would be to actually start running again and run my first ultra (maybe Crowder's Mt in Charlotte, NC... crosses NC/SC state border!!!)

Matt Hart said...

Roes Wasatch 100 wins. i saw it happen - sickness.

Gretchen said...

So, that last paragraph doesn't count as writing about Western States? Just checking.