Friday, December 4, 2009

Brown's to the Finish - 1:42

Woke up super-early and got some bonus time on the dance floor. It'll probably cost me an hour tomorrow at the NF50 but it was worth it. Started at Placer HS, ran to the Quarry Rd and then up to Brown's Bar. Ran back Brown's to finish.

For those who care, the splits:

Brown's-Hwy 49 :36
Hwy 49-No Hands :28
No Hands-Finish :38

Ahhh! It's likely that tomorrow will be my last run on dirt for 7 weeks. Think I'll savor it.


Tony Lafferty said...

It was a great day in Auburn today to be out running...I took full advantage as well.

Joe Kulak said...

Must be those Vasque's... I mean Montrails... opps... I mean... ah.. whatever your wearing :)