Saturday, April 4, 2009

AR 50 Results

Just heard from Julie in California.

Top-3 men were:

1. Max King 6:04
2. Dave Mackey 6:12
3. Chikare Omine 6:13

The super-stacked WS field just got more stacked!


GZ said...

Wow! THanks for posting. Any word on how it all played out?

Anonymous said...

lonergan 4th in 6:13 and change, olmstead 6th in 6:18

no word on what they had at in-and-out. rumor has it a possible record attempt was being made on the double/double/dirty that lewdogg and i slayed while hypothermic in 07. we are awaiting the results of that competition as well.


Craig Thornley said...

Heartbreak for Lonergan. He got himself into 3rd at 43 miles. A little over 1 minute from a spot in the big dance.

Grae Van Hooser said...

Full results at Road Race Managment website.

Jasper Halekas said...

Dave Mackey and Chikara Omine were already in. Anyone have a clue if Max King will run?

Anton said...

Yes. Max will run.

AJW said...

Julie confirmed that Max will enter WS.

Anyone know what happened to Hal, Erik, and Ian. Did all three DNF???

Anonymous said...

The results show Beals Point split times. The #3 runner at Beals may have DNF'd. ??

Anonymous said...

Hal pulled out at rattlesnake. Erik didn't start. (I think he may have missed the start) and I didn't see Ian at all

Jasper Halekas said...

#3 at Beal's was Keith Bechtol, who did finish, but way back.

Anonymous said...

Max is the first legit national caliber runner to enter the sport while he is in his prime. With high 3:30's 1500m speed to a 1:02 half marathon PR and running the Worlds XC championships.

No doubt, Kyle Skaggs, Anton and few others would have been Divison I level talent had they chose that route. However, Max is on another level.

Does this signal a changing of the guard? No, not yet, I still pick Jurek. The others will set new standards in the sport as they have begun to already (Kyle at Hardrock). Jurek will still win it this year.


Leslie said...

I saw Erik at the finish line, he said he paced someone.

Anton said...

I just want to be clear that there is NO WAY I could've ever been a
Division I caliber xc/track athlete. Zero chance. I was barely ever a varsity runner on a fair to middling Division III XC team. And Kyle and my 8K XC PRs were exactly the same during college (extremely mediocre). I'm not just being modest. The number of Division I women that could've beat me in college is hilarious. My girlfriend's 5000 meter PR is embarrassingly close to my own.

So, Max is a completely different level. His mindset is fantastic and I love the fact that he's trying out the ultras during his prime running years. Plus, he's just a great guy to hang out with.


Dave Mackey said...

Max is indeed a super nice guy and he runs smart for a newbie ultra runner; I kept an eye on him and he fueled well and took care of himself and paced well. We ran similar splits through the race until mile 30 when he got a minute ahead and my quads blew to *&^* from the pavement, then he extended his lead.
He said he doesn't know if he'll run WS even though he is in.
Hal dropped due to chronic injuries unfortunately.
Overall, AR is a great race and Julie Fingar did an excellent job as RD. Everyone said it was bumped up a notch from years before; just a ton of little details (like an accurate distance) that made for a top notch race experience (except for the lack of prize money.)
I have brief summary of my B-log if you want to read it and will try to write a short summary this week from my perspective. (Not as good a quality and content as Anton's report last year though!)
Oh yeah, Erik and Ian didn't start and Hal DNFed due to injury unfortunately.

AJW said...

Hey TonY, Dave, Craig and everybody!

Thanks for reporting on El Bloggo. Looks like it was a great race at AR and I look forward to meeting Max at The Dance should he choose to come. And, Dave and Tony, looks like things are lining up well for WS in a few short months.

Sorry to hear about Hal but I have a hunch he'll be in the hunt by the time we're crossing Hwy 49 in June!

Enjoy the training. It's the best part.


Anonymous said...

The detour from Beales to Granite added about 4-5 minutes (for those in the 6-7 hour range)--much more than was saved by shrinking the start by 150 yds.

Victor Ballesteros (7th in 6:19)had the 2nd best time on the trails (just 50 seconds slower than King), but not enough to make up for a wrong turn and half mile detour in the first half. He was 4th at Cool.

Kami dominated woman's race start to finish. Jen Pfeifer returned to AR after 6 years (and two Kids) for 2nd. Will she take the WS spot?

Anonymous said...

i ran with hal on the pavement, he ended up dropping on the trail, quad/IT. it happens.

Rogue Valley Runners said...

Yes indeed, good comments all. I must say I did drop thanks to chronic PAVEMENT. OUCH!!

I must say, Max is a top caliber athlete and will be tough to beat at whatever he sets his mind too. However, Tony's time from last year was just plane sick, and shows how diverse runners can be.

Is that all that needs to be said???

Anonymous said...


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