Friday, December 5, 2008

Racing Plans -- 2009

My race plans for 2009 are starting to take shape and I thought I'd post a bit about where things are today:

Back in 2005 when I had my best Western States race finishing 2nd, 24 minutes behind Scott Jurek, I felt like I needed an early season 100 miler to get some of my systems in place and to get a good sense of my 100 mile fitness 18 weeks before the Big Dance. So, I signed up for Rocky Raccoon and ran 15:14. As he's done many times, Jorge Pacheco beat me.

Hoping to bring back some of that 2005 magic I sent in my entry for Rocky Raccoon this morning. It's a really well-organized and logistically easy race to run and it will get me out of the snow for a weekend in February.

With that in mind my Western States build-up now looks like this:

January - Ghost Town 38.5 M
February - Rocky Raccoon 100 M
March - Way Too Cool 50K

Next, I am going to begin the process of trying to get in to Hardrock. Anticipating some time in the future when I no longer qualify to run Western States, I am going to begin applying for Hardrock so that over the years I can accumulate additional tickets in the lottery. If, by some miracle, I actually get in the race this year I guess I'll just have to run it and hope for the best.

Finally, looking for something different in late-summer I have decided to register for Leadville since it's a race I've never done and now, after three years of living at altitude, I am no longer deathly afraid of elevation. Just slightly paranoid about it:)

I'm sure some of this will change as the season progresses but, as a start, it's fun to think about the season ahead.

And, looks like we're in store for a great little race tomorrow in SF!


Scott Dunlap said...

Boy, that is a packed schedule! Looks like some good ones.

You didn't just add Leadville due to jealousy of Craig, did you? ;-)


Bryon Powell said...

I love Leadville - it's a great 100 mile run with a couple hours of walking in the middle. Hope you enjoy it, too.

TonyP said...

Best of luck in 2009. I'll be seeing you as you pass me by several times at Rocky Raccoon.

AJW said...

Well Goat, since you love Leadville so much would you be interested in a pacing job?

AJW said...

Hey SD,

Of course I'm jealous of Craig! Wouldn't you be jealous of a guy who's two hours behind you in a 10 year WS bet?



Craig Thornley said...

"When I no longer qualify for Western States?"

What kind of attitude is that. You are AJizzleWizzle and will defy aging.

Just wondering how many 100s you can run before you come to Slocum to get your double hip-replacement surgery. My understanding is that they are very good.


AJW said...


Thought I might hear from you. I am guessing I'll fall out of the top-10 at WS around 2025 at which time I'll probably have enough tickets to get in to Hardrock and go after Kyle's Course Record. Until then, you're mine!


Thomas Bussiere said...

See you at Rocky - Only briefly.
Would like to see you close the gap with Jorge Pacheco. It's about time for him to look back and see you charging his shadow!

Anonymous said...

Hey AJ -

I'll see you at Leadville and I know Kulak will be there. The nice thing about the race is that you don't even need to follow the course markers. Just follow Kulak's puke ... that is, until you pass him.

Hope all's great.

- Garett Graubins