Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kami Semick - 42 years old, Silver Medal

You have got to be impressed with what Kami threw down at the 100K World Championships last weekend. Knowing Kami, she won't be walking around talking about it very much but 2nd place in THE WORLD as a 42 year-old woman with a family, job, etc...that, to me, is, dare I say, inspiring. So Kami, congratulations!

Now, on that topic. I have been told multiple times that a "Masters' Runner" has never won Western States. And, I get that. However, does that mean it can't be done? I know we have the "greatest field ever assembled" coming to Squaw next June. But, will a 20 or 30 something win? I'm not sure. It's likely, and the odds are stacked against us older folks but, we'll see...

I bet there were some folks surprised to see Kami opening up The Can on her last few laps of the 100K championships last weekend and they had nothing to give. She was in it, they were not. She flat out beat them!

It will be a fun couple of months, won't it?



Unknown said...

I am proud to say I've been "chicked" by Anne, Kami, Darcy, and Nicki to name of few. Kami is the only one who has run me down, pass me, and run away from me with ease when I was feeling good! She is simply amazing!

I hold this distinction with honor because dem are some fast women that will beat most men!

Anonymous said...