Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WS Top-10 -- 2004-2010

Below are the top-10 men’s finishing places and times for the Western States 100 over the past six years (actually, seven but 2008 was cancelled). It is interesting to note that there have been 41 different men in the top-10 over that six-year period.

Of those…

28 placed in the top-10 once

8 placed in the top-10 twice

3 placed in the top-10 three times

1 placed in the top-10 four times

1 placed in the top-10 six times


1 Scott Jurek 15:36:27

2 Dave Mackey 16:30:17

3 Hal Koerner 17:17:16

4 Erik Skaden 17:39:37

5 Joe Kulak 17:43:12

6 Nicholas Bingham 17:59:59

7 Dean Karnazes 18:09:41

8 Andy Jones-Wilkins 18:26:48

9 David Terry 18:41:37

10 Craig Thornley 18:46:26


1 Scott Jurek 16:40:45

2 Andy Jones-Wilkins 17:07:13

3 Joe Kulak 17:16:12

4 Guillermo Medina 17:56:26

5 James Kerby 18:01:33

6 John Ticer 18:03:17

7 Dean Karnazes 18:14:17

8 Tom Nielsen 18:18:00

9 Jim Huffman 18:22:41

10 Craig Thornley 18:25:41


1 Graham Cooper 18:17:28

2 Erik Skaden 19:08:39

3 Tom Nielsen 19:41:41

4 Jim Huffman 19:59:46

5 James Kerby 20:03:18

6 Andy Jones-Wilkins 20:04:52

7 Jon Olsen 20:07:08

8 Ian Torrence 20:17:39

9 Tim Twietmeyer 20:33:25

10 Glen Redpath 21:03:16


1 Hal Koerner 16:12:16

2 Erik Skaden 16:36:49

3 Graham Cooper 17:11:41

4 Andy Jones-Wilkins 17:20:29

5 Phil Kochik 17:26:59

6 Glen Redpath 18:05:32

7 Tracy Moore 18:09:05

8 Hiroki Ishikawa 18:14:16

9 Jeff Riley 18:22:12

10 Jae-Duk Sim 18:44:54


1 Hal Koerner 16:24:55

2 Tsuyoshi Kaburaki 16:52:06

3 Jez Bragg 16:54:35

4 Jasper Halekas 16:56:25

5 Kevin Sullivan 16:59:36

6 Zachariah Miller 17:34:12

7 Leigh Schmitt 17:49:38

8 Erik Skaden 18:22:44

9 Mark Lantz 18:45:55

10 Andy Jones-Wilkins 18:46:51


1. Geoff Roes 15:06

2. Anton Krupicka 15:12

3. Kilian Jornet 16:03

4. Nick Clark 16:05

5. Zachariah Miller 16:55

6. Gary Robbins 17:06

7. Glen Redpath 17:10

8. Ian Sharman 17:26

9. Andy Jones-Wilkins 17:31

10. Dan Barger 17:31

Can you predict this year's top-10?


Speedgoat Karl said...

The Speedgoat odds will come.....Let's not jump the gun too quickly here.

Brett said...

Journet, Clark, Roes, Koerner, Wolfe, Mackey, Sharman, Foote, Skaden, Loutitt, Robbins, Burch, Bragg, Kaburaki, Jaeduk, Freeman, Jones-Wilkins, Braje, Cooper, Jaime, Kulak...

How the heck do you pick from names like these? LOL.

GZ said...

Brett - no Mackey?

Brett said...

He was the 6th on that list, look closer. :)

But that list was not meant to be all inclusive...those were just all kinds of folks even little ole me could recognize...

rustyboy said...

Awesome stuff, man! Thanks for this. Hey, I finished that This American Life piece on WS 2010, and I have a sound bite from you included. If you hit me at with an email address, I'll send you a file! Or, just subscribe to 3 Non Joggers on iTunes. It comes out Friday, May 20th!

Wyatt Hornsby said...

This year's Western States is gonna be interesting. My dream is to run Western in 2012 (if I get in). I think the favorite has to be returning champ Geoff Roes. But Dave Mackey is going to be there and he's running like a freaking wild man right now (as is Geoff). Don't know what to think about Jornet, but his climbing and descending abilities are so strong that I have to think he's going to finish top 3 (I can see him running at a ridiculous clip the last 40 miles). Also don't know what Anton's status is since he's been kind of banged up (but I've heard he's healthy again or close to it). I've always believed that when he's on Anton is nearly unbeatable especially at the 50M and 100K distances. Then you have Nick Clark, Hal Koerner (who I've heard is running well right now), and a few others. Scott Jaime has been focused like a laser beam on Western and is fast for sure (2nd at Hardrock a few years ago...behind Kyle Skaggs when he went sub-24). The list of studs goes on. My prediction is that Geoff wins again in a barn burner with Dave Mackey.

Speedgoat Karl said...

Geoff is the favorite, after last year, there is no doubt. I do think Jornet probably learned alot about WS last year, with the heat, and he'll be in the front as long as he can stay there, which he may be able to, so we'll see. Then theres Dave, who can hang with anyone on earth, and yup, Tony K when he's healthy. I think this group of 4 is gonna duke it out. And plenty of others to pick up any carnage. Gonna be good.

Kulak has too many beers in his belly. :-)

Dave Mackey said...

Speedgoat.. add Koerner to your mix.. he is in better shape this year than in previous years, given his Miwok and new hairdo.

Unknown said...

Mackey - your Miwok time AND new porn-stache will put you up there. Not only for the win at WS BUT looking good while holding that big Montrail cup check.

Speedgoat Karl said...

Yes, Koerner is in the mix. I think it's the matching calfsleeves. Perhaps this year will be the year of the porn stasch. All you front runners should go with that and leave out the beard. :-) AJW, any takers?

I may come out to watch if that happens,

Bipolar Boy said...

I have to agree with Brett. How do you pick there all great. AJW and you guys as a back of the packer how the hell do you train your quads for all that downhill in the WS 100 if you don't have mountains to run down. Those descents look brutal.

Unknown said...

Wasn't there someone else in front of you in 2009? I could have sworn you were 11th overall... just sayin.

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