Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Shadow of History

As I adapt to my new hometown (where we are moving post-WS) I am enjoying getting to know the local running scene. Today I ran the Montalto 5K Challenge. It's a 5k run that climbs 1000 feet to a stunning viewpoint high above Jefferson's Monticello, "The House" as they call it around here:)

I got up in 22:27. Good enough for 4th place. More tomorrow after I have my initiation into the Appalachians.


Mike Alfred said...

Nice finish, AJW.

jenn said...

Va is happy you're here! Charlottesville is such a great town and you'll love running in SNP with sophie, bill potts and her crew. GOOD PEOPLE:o) I LOVE training and living in the appalachians. It's DIFFERENT kind of trail running ( compared to out west) but it really resonates with my soul! ENJOY!!!

Speedgoat Karl said...

Hit the AT for a while man, and you'll understand why I have some unfinished business there. It's all wilderness, even when you get close to the city. Virginia is pretty cool.

Thomas Bussiere said...

Welcome to the East! Enjoy the cool temps while they last - Summer will be here soon along with the heat and humidity (worst part). Good training conditions to get you ready for WS & VT. You will love the AT.
If you are looking for some great fall races in the east, consider FATS 50K (my backyard) in Oct and Pinhoti 100 in Nov (beat speedgoat's record).
Good luck with the training.

Tim said...

Nice job yesterday! I have read that you are moving to Charlottesville, I would love to get together for a run. I train on that mountian were the race was, there are also several nice sections of trail over there. Welcome to Charlottesville!

Christian said...

It was nice to briefly meet you after the Monalto race. I hope you enjoyed the Priest with Sophie & Co.

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