Sunday, November 8, 2009

Short Video Clip and Article

The good folks at the local Twin Falls newspaper came up to do a story about ultramarathon runners and they ended up making this little video. Check it out. When the site opens go to the video link on the lower right-hand side. If you look closely at the end of the clip you can see my school.

And, here is the link to the full article:



brownie said...

I liked the video of you puking at Leadville a lot better.

Craig Thornley said...

I'm gonna like the video of you breaking five-minutes for the mile a lot better (especially if it is between 4:59.1 and 4:59.9). But gotta admit, crashing through the creek like that is pretty cool. Who's idea was that? Or is that one of your toughening up your feet techniques?

FastED said...

like the shoes!

AJW said...


Yeah, I kind of figured you'd prefer the puking video. How's the bleeding?


Running through the creek was my idea. And, the video of the 5 min mile will be special (even if it ends up being 5:01)

FastEd, Yeah, sweet shoes!

Jon said...

I told Melissa when she interviewed me that there were a few people around who could represent the sport much better than me. I'm glad she found you. If she would have quoted me any more, I would have really looked like an idiot. Hope to run into you up on the trails one of these days....Jon

Mike Alfred said...

Awesome stuff, Andy. I use the word primal frequently when describing ultras to the uninitiated. Couldn't agree more.

somebody said...