Friday, November 20, 2009


Sometimes in life challenges rise up to meet you in ways never previously addressed. Confronting those challenges builds courage and determination, not to mention the ability to acknowledge stupidity and ignorance. Without looking failure straight in the face one might never truly understand success.

Thus, on this coming Monday at 1:30pm PST I will try to run a 5 minute mile on Hayward Field in Eugene, OR.

I will use this as my inspiration.

Wish me luck!


Derrick said...

May the Ghost of Pre be watching over you favourably. Good luck on Monday!

Hank Dart said...

What's the live feed URL? I at least want one of the boys tweeting lap by lap progress. Good luck.

Bryon Powell said...

AJW, run like your chasing a fat redhead downhill! Seriously, rip 'er up.

I was thinking about your pending attempt when I was running down a 500'+ loss per mile road hill earlier this week. I wouldn't even be close these days!

Gretchen said...

Aww, where's all the pre-race coverage? Predictions? Analysis of your training? Insight into your racing plan and strategy? C'mon, get us pumped up! :)
Well, I'll be expecting all that in the post-race coverage. Plus video.
Good luck!

Brad Mitchell said...

RUN LIKE THE COPS ARE CHASING YOU! I'm sure you'll post results, at least I'm sure Craig will!

Jeff Browning said...

Oh, buddy...wish you were doing it in Sisters!! Sorry I'll miss it. I'd choose Hayward too. Good luck, dude. Run like the wind!

big E said...

wishing you fast legs from Northern Ireland! can't wait to hear how many beers LB owes you at the end!

robert.blair said...

Seeing the jubilation in you in that video after you finished that 17:20 is something I will not soon forget.

I have watched the video a few times now, every few days. That IS something unforgettable and terrific. Thanks for sharing that with us.

We should all have such a performance (relative to our own personal talent levels, of course. Obviously I and many others will never run that fast) at least once in our ultra running lives.

You can see you are just your boys' hero, in that video. They are following you around at every step.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, Andy.

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