Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ultrarunner of the Year Voting

The votes have now been cast for Ultrarunning Magazine's year end awards and we should know the results in the next couple weeks. In that context, I have opened two new polls as kind of a people's choice awards type thing.  Please vote!


lilyanna said...

I think the proper spelling is Michele Yates!

Anonymous said...

Would be great if you could add a field for comments about why you voted for a particular person. In my case, I voted for Rory Bosio because of one amazing performance (coming 7th overall). I do think other women had better overall years, but hers was such a super performance. OTOH, Jon Olson's amazing record performance wasn't enough to make me vote for him over Rob Krar, who basically destroyed everyone in all races _and_ ran a record R2R2R.

Michael Owen said...

Maybe Zach Bitter should get a consideration on the UROY after his Desert Solstice, plus his 50 mile time.

Unknown said...

Michael, he probably will, but not enough to unseat Krar

michelle said...

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