Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Slow Road back

I went to my doctor yesterday for a follow-up on my hip/hamstring injury and he told me, "Now you know what we mean when we say 'hamstrung'"

In short, I jacked myself up pretty good at WS back in June and have developed pretty extensive tissue damage caused by years of bad form, over-doing it in training, and general stubbornness.  Now, I am working to get back at it in time to get ready for my WS build-up which typically begins in January. Like last year, it's gonna be close.  But, 35 miles per week at 8:45 pace never felt so good!

What 18 years of running ultras has taught me is that we really only have so many hard miles in our legs so we need to use them sparingly.  I used to run 4 100s a year without blinking an eye.  Now, just a few years later, one 100 a year is about all I can do.  But, at least I can do one!  I wouldn't trade running WS for just about anything in the world and my experience at WS 2013 was by best one yet.  With patience, fortitude, and a bit of stubborn resolve I look forward to making it back to Squaw for one last go at it next June.  I can tell you right now that if I do make it to that line it will be the highlight of my year.

You can follow that journey here!



Freebird said...

Hey AJW - I'm also trying to rehab a hamstring/hip injury. I would be interested in what kind of treatments you are receiving, what kind of physical therapy you are doing, etc. as you attempt to rehab your injury. The more you can share about your come back the better.

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