Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Racing Plans

My schedule for 2011 is taking shape and it looks to be a fun year of running in some great places. While some of these are subject to change here is the lineup for me so far:

March - Coyote 2 Moon 100 Miler
April - American River 50 Miler
June - Western States 100 Miler
July - Hardrock 100 Miler (if I am successful in the lottery)
July - Vermont 100 Miler (if I don't get into Hardrock)
October - Grindstone 100 Miler
November - JFK 50 Miler

As you can see this schedule is a mix of some "classics" and some new races. I look forward to a great year! Happy New Year everyone!


Sophie Speidel said...

You forgot to add Hellgate 100K, Dec 10. HA!

Scott Dunlap said...

Where are all those Virginia-based races starting mid-summer? ;-)

Looks like another epic schedule. It's crazy how you can bunch your 100's like that.

Ted Nunes said...

C2M 100? Is that the technique for racing well in the summer?

garobbins said...


-WORLD 100k Champ...
-World Record 100k on trails, 7h36m
-Smashed Canadian Death Race CR and finished 2nd only to Hal
-Outright won a 50k trail in 3h37m

1st CR Frozen Ass 52km (3h48m)
2nd Chuckanut 50km (4h19m)
1st CR/WR Elk-Beaver 100km (7h36m)
1st CR Scorced Sole 50m (7h58m)
1st CR Knee Knacker 30m (5h06m)
1st CR Canadian Death Race 125km (13h28m)
1st CR Run For The Toad 50km (3h37m)
1st World 100km Road Champs (7h29m)

Geoff said...

yeah, i second what gary is saying. ellie shouldn't just be on the list, i think she should win it.

AJW said...

Can't believe I left Ellie off the list. Must have been the New Year's excesses. So, let's say the poll is for 2nd place (or first American)

Craig Thornley said...

So easily you are influenced, Andy. Ellie didn't run a 100 miler. Just sayin'.

garobbins said...

This is true but there is no stipulation saying you need to run a 100 to be considered for the UROY.

Western States will be her first...and she does great in the heat...just sayin. Actually I'll go on record right now and say she'll challenge Ann's CR if conditions allow for it!


Brad Mitchell said...

Sure hope you're coming out for the Sun Valley Snowshoe Challenge - I hear there are some folks looking at that blistering 37 minute 5k finish time from last year:)But you should really step up to the 10K!

Grae Van Hooser said...

Wow! 5 Hundies ! Man of Steel.

AJW said...

Grae, it's only 4 hundies. If I get into HRH I won't do Vermont and vice versa. Only live once!

Bryon Powell said...

See ya at the start of Western States as usual... but know it's bad news if you see me at the bottom of Bath Road, with or without Coke.

Speedgoat Karl said...

Only 4 hundreds? why don't you double that and be a man, like me.....ahhh, just kidding, see you at C2M!

8 100s is more like it.

AJW said...


If you can get Red Bull to cover my entries I'll do 12 100's:)


Speedgoat Karl said...

They don't cover all mine, why would they cover you're entries? :-)

I hear you on that though, I just plunked down about 1500 bucks to run races....pretty silly. Most of the ones I'm doing are Western races, so I go pretty stealth. Wasatch, Bear, Leadville, Hardrock, Antelope Island, C2M all local as far as I'm concerned cuz I can drive and camp. Now that you live on the east coast, it's more of a challenge to get to the races. The good ones on the east coast are now in your backyard, plan on all those next year.

Next year I might do 12, we'll see

Speedgoat Karl said...

OH yah, Gary:

Ellie had a great year, and every race was pretty darn fast, but....she only raced twice at a competitive event. Chuckanut and the World 100k. The world 100k certainly qualifies for performance of the year voting, but the rest are races I haven't even heard of, which doesn't help. My two cents. And although we "think" she'll do well at a 100, she didn't run one. We both know it's alot further than 62 miles...just ask Anton. :-)

garobbins said...

Hey Karl, Happy New Year!

I couldn't agree more about the step up to 100 miles not being a given for anyone, however, consider this:
When Ellie ran The Canadian Death race 125km she finished 2nd only to Hal. Over the final 60km of that race they had virtually the exact same splits. Now it goes without saying that Hal wasn't being pushed but I'm pretty sure he wasn't dogging it either. I've read that Ellie still looked like a spring chicken when she crossed the line and I'm sure she could have tacked on another 35km that day if she needed to.

In terms of Chuckanut, yes she lost to Suzanna, but by the slimmest of margins at just 13sec. In fact it's the only time I'm aware of her legitimately not winning a race (outside of getting lost on course). That fact is though Ellie just ran out of race course. She made up almost three full minutes in the final 1/3 of the race on Suzanna. Doesn't matter right, a win is a win and hats off to Suzanna on that front.
BUT, splits for final 1/3 at Chuck:
1st) Andy Martin 59m36s
2nd) Yassine Diboun 1h01m05s
3rd) Adam Campbell 1h01m11s
4th) Ellie Greenwood 1h01m26s
5th) Hal Koerner 1h01m43s
6th) Erik Skaggs 1h02m09s
7th) Adam Lint 1h02m26s
That's pretty damn impressive on her part.

You may not know our local Knee Knacker 50k run in North Vancouver, but it is the race of the year here. I'm sure you'd know the names Aaron Heidt (Won Chuck 09) and Adam Campbell (3rd Chuck 10). Ellie finished 5th overall, right behind yours truly, and she was within six minutes of winning the entire race. She also outclassed all of us over the final 80min of that race with the fastest closing split by over a minute and a half. I'm telling you, she's scary good. I'd consider it sacrilege to mention just about any other runner in the same sentence as Ann Trason, but I'm confident in what I've witnessed over the last few years. Ellie is that good and she's just getting started.

Her World 100k win is even more impressive given it was the worst she had ever felt during a race. (she stopped to hit the massage table mid race and nearly dnf'ed).

Long response I know, but basically what I'm saying is that my guesstimates on her future abilities is not simply based upon being a friend/fan of hers. It's strictly based upon her abilities that I've witnessed first hand for many years now. She's straight up one of the toughest runners I've ever seen.

Anyways, blah blah blah, I'd be willing to put money on her snagging the tape 1st at The Track Meet in June.


garobbins said...
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garobbins said...
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garobbins said...
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garobbins said...

Sorry! Somehow my computer posted the same lengthy response four times!