Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weekend in Park City

I just returned from a three-day weekend in Park City, UT. My son Carson had a ski race there and we had the opportunity to stay with good friend Bryon Powell and his girlfriend, Meghan Hicks.

While the ski racing was fine, the highlight of the weekend was catching up with Bryon, getting a few runs in, and generally enjoying the mountains in winter.

A few highlights:

A killer run in dumping snow on Sunday during which we were dodging snowplows and finding our way up to 9000 feet.

The descent off the aforementioned run.

Two great dinners at the Wasatch Brew Pub.

Watching on DVD the entire first season of the all-time greatest TV show, "Northern Exposure."

A sneak preview at a whole bunch of new shoes that Bryon, Mr. Irunfar, has in his "shoe closet."

The choice of about 12 different types of traction devices.

Staying up late talking and prognosticating about the future of ultramarathon running, who will win Ultrarunner of the Year, whether WS should require a 100 mile prerequisite and a whole host of other topics.

I have said it before and I'll say it again, the best thing about our sport is the relationships we establish along the way. This past weekend in Park City reminded me of that once again.

Happy Holidays!


Derrick said...

Ah yes, Northern Exposure! When it went off the air it was time to throw out the TV.

Koz said...

Dumping snow? You mean that light fluffy water content-less champagne powder? That's like running through those styrofoam packaging noodles...no resistance. Come on over to Californy for some snow-running in the 12-15' of Sierra Cement that just fell this past week!
You are right on about the best part of the sport thing. Over the past 13 years of trail running I've met many folks I've never seen anywhere except races that I can say I feel more connected with than folks I see on a regular basis in other areas of life.
Happy Holidays! By the way, after getting into WTC this year I'm highly disappointed that, yet again, I will be there in a year where the Jizzle Wizzle will be absent from the Georgetown Hotel, ahh, events...

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