Sunday, June 13, 2010

Big Four Poll -- And stuff

Thanks to all who wrote in on the Big Four Poll. Given the fact that more folks thought three would make it to the finish than any other choice it does beg the question; who do you all think won't make it? We'll find out in a couple weeks. No matter what, it should be an interesting race up front. And, for the rest of us, things are shaping up to be snowy and hot. Latest long-range weather has the typical June high pressure system parked off the coast and it should be there a while. I am not a betting man but if I was I'd say we're lining up for a race day high in Auburn of 93 with snow in the High Country. I am guessing they'll go with the snow route (easier than the normal course) and boats across the River.

And, lastly, I thought I'd throw in a list of the other guys thinking top-10 after the Big Four.

Who'd I miss?

Leigh Schmitt
Todd Walker
Tsuyoshi Kaburaki
Andy Henshaw
Nick Clark
Zach Miller
Phil Kochik
Ian Torrence
Rod Bien
Josh Brimhall
Erik Skaden
Justin Angle
Lon Freeman
Nick Lewis
Troy Howard
Mark Lantz
Chikara Omine
Victor Ballesteros
Tom Nielsen
Gary Robbins
Ian Sharman


Bryon Powell said...

Jez Bragg isn't running. He's been injured.

Bryon Powell said...

You and Thornley?

AJW said...


No Jez, that's really a bummer as he had such a great debut last year. But, that leaves more room for the rest of us.

Truthfully, I can't remember a time when three of the previous year's top-10 didn't start the following year. Makes it interesting. I know Kochik didn't come back in '09 after top-10ing in '07 and I also know Kerby decided not to run in '07 after getting 5th in '06 but it is truly unusual for three guys to bow out before the start. I am sure they all have their reasons but I'd love to know what jez, jasper and Kevin will be doing on June 26th!

Bryon Powell said...

Crap! How could we forget Michael Arnstein? I think he's a 100 mile rookie, but he ran one heck of a JFK last year. You can bet he has his on the top 10... or likely top 3. This guy seems very confident.

AJW said...

Good catch Goat. Arnstein could be this year's KSully. Has he ever run 100 miles?

Bryon Powell said...

The longest he's gone is 100k. I realize it's much different, but it'd be ill advised to ignore a 5:50 JFK. They don't call WS the Track Meet for nothing.

Rod Bien said...

Man, this list could go on and on and on. But, right off the top of my head I would DEFINITELY add Justin Angle and maybe Ian Sharman as well. No 100 mile experience but pretty darn quick. Ran 6:00 at Comrades.
There are just too many.

AJW said...


JAngle is on there. I'll add Sharman. Any idea about his trail experience?

Stephen Itano said...

How about Rob Evans? He has sure been putting in the work.

Craig Thornley said...

Who cares about the field. You put hyperlinks in your post? By yourself? WOW!