Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Western States 2010

Well, it's about that time. Time for the first Western States post in the run-up to 2010. This is not a prediction post or a philosophical post or even a reflective post. Rather, this is just a little rumination about the upcoming race. After all, the deadline for getting into the lottery is tomorrow and there are about 1800 folks interested in running as of now. In addition, there is a bit of buzz coming out of Auburn that a few changes may be on the way. I know nothing about this but the rumor mill in this sport is pretty active so, you never know. It's pretty fun sitting here in the off-season thinking about WS 2010 and wondering what it has in store:

Cal Hal 3-peat?
Will the foreign influence continue?
Can the East Coasters continue to rise?
Will Anita win again?
Who will be the surprises coming out of the newly configured Ultra Cup?

The list of intriguing questions goes on and on but one thing's for sure. The excitement for the event is greater than ever. The mystique around the event is thicker than ever. And, the feeling I have about toeing that line for a 7th time in June is more exhilarating than ever.

Much, much more to come.



Gary Robbins said...

I wondered how long you could go without mentioned WS on your blog!!

Well, my names in the lottery with the other 1800 but I'm off to Mtn Mas again in 3.5 weeks to try to win my way back in. Hopefully I'll be toeing the line next to you again in 2010!
Best of luck with your five minute mile!

Bryon Powell said...

Will I be able to convince someone to give me an extra 3%?

Derrick said...

I really wonder how many of those 1800 people will choose to run it if picked. You have to think that with no payment information taken that many people were impulsive.

Hope I get lucky in my first try.

trudginalong said...

I'm calculating our (those trying to work the lottery) at 16.7587%. I'll guess around 127 auto entries, which leaves 273 open slots, with currently 1,629 people in the hat per I'm hoping for a little December magic myself...

Anthony Brantley said...

Ok I'll bite, what are the rumors your hearing?


Craig Thornley said...

Let me guess ...

1. The course was wheeled and determined to be short so they're adding 2 miles to complete the american river drainage trifecta.

2. Anybody that put their name in the GU2O bucket but either doesn't have a qualifier or decides not to enter will be eviscerated and their entrails fed to the cougars.

Gary Robbins said...

Any chance this is in reference to the long standing rumor that if a few more things fell into place, through land usage and permitting, that the race would be able to more than double in size??