Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

Labor Day has always marked the end of summer for me. Even though school has started by now for just about everyone across the country, this holiday always closes the book on summer in my house.

And, for me, it's been quite a summer of running. Three 100 mile races in 8 weeks (18:46 at WS, 28:09 at HR, and 19:49 at LT) and some great times with family and friends.

A few of the ups and downs from the summer:

Down: I was disappointed with my trashed feet at WS which I think cost me about 45 minutes on the downhills from Last Chance to the Finish.

Up: I was pleased and surprised to hold off the surging Victor Ballesteros in the last mile of WS. I don't think I've ever run Robie to the Finish quite that fast. Also, it was good to open up a four-hour lead on Craig Thornley in the 10-year bet. We have four years left:)

Down: I was bummed that I couldn't reel in Scott Jaime on the climb up to Grant-Swamp Pass at HR. After he summited the pass he simply disappeared and I was forced to take whatever I could get.

Up: I was absolutely ecstatic (and uncharacterstically emotional) upon finishing my first Hardrock 100. I hope they let me come back next year because I think I can get a little more out of myself there if given the chance.

Down: I was angry that my stomach betrayed me at Leadville. While the YouTube video is great, I think I could've taken care of myself a bit better and been closer to 19 hours than I was.

Up: I was downright giddy about my split from May Queen to the Finish. It wasn't exactly Duncan Callahan like (he did it in two hours in 2008!) but it showed me that I could still reel 'em in after a long summer on the trails.

Now, it's off to a bit of hibernation to gear up for next year. That is, after I pace Hank Dart to his first Wasatch finish on Friday night.

Happy Autumn, everyone!


Geoff said...

Back in July I was talking to Brian Fisher about you going sub-48 for a HR/LT double. That on its own is an accomplishment, even without adding WS into the mix!

Craig Thornley said...


You are the cat's meow, the dog's bark, ... you are the sh&t. A 4-hour lead with 4 years left? No way I could make that time up against the best ultrarunner that is also a headmaster that lives in Idaho that can hold off Victor B that is tough enough to be M10. You had an amazing summer.

trudginalong said...


Certainly sounds like one hell of a summer. I'll be heading down for the Rocky Racoon as my first shot at 100. I'll try to keep my head out of the ground enough to say hi once I get lapped :) Though I don't know you I hope that I can maintain a life/running balance that is healthy for my family as i gather that you have.



Unknown said...

I hate to be such a "downer" but did you really think I would "let" you reel me in?? I couldn't bear to hear Carson say again "but he beat you, right?"

Great season AJayDub!

Anonymous said...