Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vermont 100!

I remember this feeling from when I was 8 and Santa left me coal in my stocking. It hurt for a while but in the end I learned my lesson. Mother Nature always wins!

Sometimes, we all need to move on.

I must say the decision of the WSER Board must have been extremely difficult. I, for one, support their decision 100% and am already looking forward to the 2009 race.

So, who do you pick to win Vermont! There will be some rested folks there!



Anonymous said...

M4 - Yes, see you at WS 2009. I will have to postpone retirement one more year. Let's make sure we can get the field back again because I want to end my career with the best head to head competition North America has to offer. Yes, get the marathon trial guys, the 100k road guys, and the 50k guys. Bring them all. And, if Scott is bored, have him come back.

As a back up to Western, I am doing the Tahoe Rim 100 on the 19th of July.


Gretchen said...

Your attitude rocks Andy! It's a heartbreaker, and I would be crying in my GU2O (or beer, as it sounds like most are doing) but I'm glad you are already giving the rallying cry for '09. I hope y'ALL return and the feild is as deep. Untill then...have another Sierra and keep running.

Anonymous said...

Jizzle Wizzle,

I agree that it must have been a difficult decision for the WSER Board. They tried to make the race happen but just couldn't. It was the right call.

You know what really sucks is that we sold and gave away our Olympic Trials tickets for this weekend so no sense even going back to Eugene. Speaking of which, it's a damn good thing Sacramento didn't get the Trials - it would have been a disaster, although it might have been good training for the pollution of Bejing.


HappyTrails said...

Really appreciate the positive energy and enthusiasm that follow you Andy! Sorry for your loss as we know WS is like Christmas Day for you. Keep your edge and go get 'em at Vermont!

TonyP said...

Sorry to hear about the cancellation. I was looking forward to following the amazing field that was assembled for WSER.

Brad Mitchell said...

Great positive attitude!

You're the man at VT100 - you know what to do in the weeks to come.

AJW said...

Thanks for all the comments everybody:

M2: Great to hear from you. 2009 will be awesome! Glad they let you i to Tahoe. Rip it up!

LB: Bummer about the trials tickets. Hope you and your brother get in some good miles this weekend somewhere clear. Looking forward to having you by my side at Wasatch.

Brad: Let's hit the high country in July!

As for me, I am running 60 miles today then going fishing and camping with my kids this weekend. What's that saying about "lemons and lemonade?"

Justin Angle said...

big bummer, but your positive attitude is inspiring. enjoy your 60 today and rip it up at vermont!


Olga said...

Andy, I love it how the Big Boys accepted things with great attitude. Well, most of folks too. I am sorry for ya all, and for the board, and moslty for those who live in fire area. There will be another year. make sure to collect the field back for our watching pleasure:)

Sophie Speidel said...

So sorry, Andy. I have been following your training and know this is a heart breaker for you. Good to see you are already focused on VT---isn't that the cool thing about ultras... they force us to be flexible, remain positive, and, as you said, make lemonade? All the best to you next year---yes, let's hope the Big Boys and Girls return for a good show!!

Lisa Smith-Batchen said...

you be the man at have my vote!!!