Thursday, May 1, 2008


May 1st is always an exciting day for me in my preparation for Western States as it marks the beginning of my heaviest training month. As much as I love the race, it is the training that ultimately makes it all worth while. I have found that as I get older and slower the training takes on added significance as it not only fuels my fitness but my emotional well-being as well. This year, in particular, training has provided an excellent outlet for stress and tension.

I am particularly psyched about the coming weekend as I will be on The Course for 16 miles late Friday afternoon and then 52 long, tough miles on Saturday. I look forward to the first weekend in May more than just about any other weekend of the year.

And, I am curious, for other Western States runners out there, what are your May training plans?


Paul Charteris said...

Hi Andy

This will be my first Western States and my hundred miler. I am looking at a 26 hourish (+/- 3 hours) time but who knows what can and will happen on the day.

Here are some of my big workouts for May

5/3 Michigan to Swinging Bridge and back to Cal2
5/4 Michigan to Cal1

5/10 Bath Road to Dusty Corners. Return to Foresthill (the dreaded 6 canyon run).

5/18 Ohlone Wilderness 50k

5/24 Robinson to Drivers Flat
5/25 Foresthill to WhiteOak Flat
5/26 Placer High to Dead Truck (via quarry road) return via WS Trail.

I know this might sound like a lot for an enthusiastic middle of the packer. Trust me, I have some serious rest days thrown in there also.

Cheers, Paul

Joe Kulak said...

You are a machine!

Never trained on the course prior to running WS. My build up used to be once a week local trail runs ranging from 4 to 6 hrs. with a weekly total mileage maxing out at 70 - 80 miles. Actually most years it meant running a 100 a month prior to WS. I guess everybody has their regimen.

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