Thursday, November 15, 2007

Lottery Musings

Although there are a record number of entries in the Western States lottery this year and a dismal 16% chance of getting selected, a quick look at the 1352 names paints an interesting picture. Without a doubt and regardless of the lottery results, the 2008 Western States is likely to be the most competitive ever especially since the list may not even include some of the automatics from the Montrail Ultra Cup Series.

So, in the spirit of getting pumped up for the Big Day, here are some in the potential men's field:

Hal Koerner - 1st last year
Erik Skaden - 2nd last year
Graham Cooper - 3rd last year
AJW - 4th last year
Glen Redpath - 6th last year
Tracy Moore - 7th last year
Hiroki Ishikawa - 8th last year
Jeff Riley - 9th last year
Rod Bien - 11th last year
Jon Olsen - Rio del Lago Course record holder
Lon Freeman - Miwok Course record holder
Karl Meltzer - Multiple course record holder
Anton Krupicka - Two time Leadville 100 Champion
Jasper Halekas - 2007 USATF 100 Mile Champion
Derek Blaylock - Perennial top-3 finisher at Wasatch'
Josh Brimhall - Multiple winner and course record holder
Matt Hart - 2nd place Grand Teton 100 miler in 2007
Troy Howard - 2nd place Angeles Crest 100 in 2007
Brian Morrison - Led WS at Mile 99.9 in 2006. Has unfinished business.
Jorge Pacheco - 1st place 2007 Javelina Jundred
Tom Nielsen - Multiple winner at Angeles Crest, four time top-10 at WS
Joe Kulak - Grand Slam Record Holder
Leigh Schmitt - Vermont Course Record holder. East Coast fast guy #1
Todd Walker - Multiple 100 mile winner. East Coast fast guy #2
Kevin Sawchuk - 4 time top-10 at WS
Craig Thornley - 2 time top-10 at WS
Brian Purcell - 1983 Western States Champion
Steve Warshawer - 1980something Leadville Champion
Lewis Taylor - 2007 Way Too Cool Champion
Scott Wolfe - 2nd place 2007 American River 50 Miler

I am sure I have missed some people but reagrdless this is clearly shaping up to be an amazing year. Now, I, for one, am hoping it's hotter than 2006!



Chihping Fu 傅治平 (超馬阿爸) said...


Besides your list, I love to see Kyle Skaggs competing in the prestigious run after setting Wasatch record this year.


Bryon Powell said...

I think those odds mean there's a good chance of you having a moderately fast East Coast pacer at your service next June. ;-)

AJW said...


I seriously want you to get in through the lottery but in the event that you don't please consider coming out anyway. I've got 17 in my sights but I'll need some help. Just no Jack and Coke until after the race:)


Rogue Valley Runners said...

Kyle will be running Hard Rock if the lottery gods are kind.

On a side Andy, I sent in my application for WS the other day with WS 2007 being my qualification, right. I received an email yesterday letting me know my "proof" was not included in the ap. I got quite a chuckle out of it, guess I will have to tear out that UR article anyways.

AJW said...

Hey Rogue man, great to hear from you. I figured Kyle would be going to Hardrock. As far as the proof of qualification looks like you're still under the radar. Perhaps only a course record will get you some cred.

Have a great Holiday! Keep an eye on Scott Wolfe at JFK.


Glenn said...

The odds of getting selected are 1 in about 3.86 (1350/350) or said another way, about 26% of entries will actually get a spot.

Paul Charteris said...

Great list Andy

I want to add a few of my foreign friends to this impressive list.

David Eadie from Australia. Just ran a 2:31 marathon downunder last month. David ran Western States last year as hist first 100-miler and learned a LOT. if he gets in via the lottery, expect him to combine phenomenal talent with some serious hill training in 08.

Simon Mtuy from Tanzania. Mount Kilimanjaro is just another training run for the gentle giant. Voted sexiest legs in ultrarunning.

Jez Bragg - I do not know this guy personally, but I heard that he has been smashing course records and winning pretty much everything he enters in the UK.

Cheers, Paul Charteris

Jasper Halekas said...


Have a quick scan of the lottery results and see how much of that potentially awesome field actually got in. It will still be a great race, but I don't know if it will be the most competitive ever (though Montrail Cup results may recoup some of those losses). Looks like special consideration is not being applied very liberally any more. The race will be missing folks from your list who:

1. Won Leadville and Rocky.

2. Won McNaughton, Bighorn, Massanutten, Bear, San Diego w/ several course records.

3. Won Rio in course record time.

4. Won Javelina and 4th at Badwater.

5. Set Miwok course record.

6. 11th at WS in 2006.

7. 4-time top ten at WS.

8. Won USATF 100-mile championship and 2nd at Wasatch.

Kind of a bummer. Looks like another year of pacing for me.


AJW said...


I agree. It is a bummer that the most competitive field possible will not be present at the 2008 Western States. Not sure what can be done to resolve the issue.

And, for me, anticipating my inevitable exit from the top-10 at WS, I will be starting to buy "tickets" for the Hardrock lottery this year so that at some point in the future (before I'm dead) I can run that race.

In the interim, I will enjoy Bighorn, Vermont, and anything else that crops up.


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