Sunday, October 2, 2011

WS Race Director Search

It seems to me that in the midst of all the chatter about changes in the sport the situation with respect to the WS RD Search is perhaps more relevant than any other. This is the first time I can recall that a race has actually posted a job for an Executive Director and defined the position in such a thorough and thoughtful way. As a non-profit director myself I applaud the WSER Board for being so transparent and open in their process. For a group that has been much maligned over the years for their seeming lack of transparency this is an excellent step.

While I don't know this for sure, I doubt Norm and Greg were subjected to such a rigorous process. To me, as the race continues to evolve and the challenges increase, this kind of selective process is essential to insure ongoing success. I will be interested to see what kind of candidate pool emerges and ultimately how the selection is made. The Board is clearly looking for a person with a broad skill set and a depth of experiences in running and beyond. As is often the case in my industry, it strikes me that they are looking for "God on a good day!"

Here is the blurb from the WS100 Webesite:

"The WS Board of Directors is currently accepting resumes for the position of
Western States Race Director

To be considered for the position, please submit your resume and a minimum of two letters of recommendation to:

All resumes and letters of recommendation must be received by 12/1/2011.

Selection process will be based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

A minimum of five years in a leadership role. Is highly ethical, honest and respected in the ultrarunning community.
Embodies and understands the ideals and values of the WS Endurance Run.
Has an understanding that the primary mission is to give each WS runner an outstanding experience that is both safe and memorable.
Able to work collaboratively with the WS Board.
Has the ability to seek, cultivate and foster key relationships and partnerships in areas ranging from federal, state and local resource management groups to potential corporate, business and community partners.
Understands that proper perspective, credit and acknowledgment is always given to our history and unique research mission.
Knows and understands the value of treating all runners and volunteers with respect.
Has a good grounding in finances, paying bills and living within the means of a specific budget.
Has some understanding of communication, both broadly strategic as well as internal, in areas of print and electronic media.
Has the ability to think clearly and deliberately in emergency situations.
Willingness to relocate to the Sacramento/Auburn, CA area.
Possesses excellent speaking/writing skills.


nonfastguy said...

"God on a good day"? Sounds like a job for Craig Thornley to me!!

Speedgoat Karl said...

think I should apply? I might get in to the race that way. :-)

If we're lucky, the new RD will promote prize money and do better on the elite selection process.

Either way, it's a brutal job, whoever gets it...have fun!

Trey Bailey said...

Do you think they will have a lottery drawing for the top-5 candidates? Haha.

I agree with Karl, prize money and elite selection are the two things that need to be promoted.

Good post, AJW.

Eric said...

Prize money ain't gonna happen without congressional approval. According to Twiet, the right to cross fed land is contingent on it being an "amateur event."

Solution: Reroute the course around the fed section.

Problem: Runners mad that "you're changing the course just for money."


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