Friday, October 28, 2011

Running Madness

This is an oldie but goodie, especially as we gear up for another summer of running.

Say what you want about the Western States 100 -- commercial, elitist, old-fashioned, tired, over-hyped -- it is an extraordinary event with a compelling story to tell.

In this very brief piece I love the language and the living nature of the experience, "scary", "stupid", "nobody believes it", "pain is temporary", on and on.

And, hearing and seeing Dave Terry in this video brings tears to my eyes. To those who knew him, you know what I mean. To those who didn't, trust me, he was one of the great ones.

Take 3 minutes to enjoy...


Bryon Powell said...

Gear up for another summer... I'm still gearing up for winter! ;-)

Hank Dart said...

"All pain is not significant." I think that was my favorite line. Great clip.

Speedgoat Karl said...

The river sure was low that year. Sure do miss Dave Terry. Great clip.

Just because you are in VA, doesn't mean it won't start snowing. Winter is coming my man, time to gear up for that first.