Saturday, December 5, 2009

WS Lottery!

Well, as much as I am bummed about all the people who didn't get in, I gotta say, I am really psyched about these four:

1. Tommy Nielsen: My running mentor and quite possibly the best human example of why this sport is so great. Awesome!

2. Victor Ballesteros: The guy was M11 last year by 23 seconds. I know. He deserves in the Dance this year and will likely go top-7.

3. Ian Torrence: Hard to believe, but Ian now represents the Old Guard. Let this be the year he nails it and arrives at The Track not "running on fumes."

4. Hank Dart: My local training partner in Idaho and a true 100 mile guy. Did 25 and change at Bighorn and Wasatch this year and knows what it takes to get it done. I am thinking sub-21 for Hank at the dance.

That's all for now! Anyone know where the results of today's NF50 are? I had to leave to catch a flight and don't know my time or my place. What I do know is that it was a blast today out on the trails of Marin.


Derrick said...

Results are supposed to be posted here for NF50...

Yup, I'm bummed about all the people who didn't get in too....including ME;)

Hank Dart said...

You're a man that knows how to throw down the challenges. I appreciate the confidence. Can't wait to get out there and get some good training in.

Anonymous said...