Monday, May 4, 2009

Ice Cream Sandwich - 2009 Edition

This run, designed by Tim Tweitmeyer, is best done 8 weeks before the Dance. The logistics are simple: Drive down Todd Valley Rd. to the trail that leads to Cal 2. Run to Cal 2. Start your watch and run 25 miles up the Course to the Swinging Bridge. Turn around. Run back. When you get to Cal 2 stop your watch and walk back to the car. 11 hours, 52 miles, pure joy.

This year we started with five people, finished with six but only four did the entire run and only two officially completed it (Tweit's rule is you must run Foresthill to Cal 2 in 75 minutes for the workout to count. And, you can't puke). Anyway, it basically is divided into three sections (and only the last one matters!). The first section is the run up to the Swinging Bridge. We did this in 5 hours. The second section is from the Swinging Bridge back to Foresthill. Here, things got interesting. First, Jeff hiked the Thumb in 29:45. I was happy to 31 it. Then I cleared El Dorado in 1:24 (41 down and 43 up) Not exactly fast but since the trail was basically a stream and my shoes weighed about 10 pounds I'll take it. Then we 65'd Volcano and I was able to run Bath Rd.

The stupidest thing of the day was when we ate the Ice Cream Sandwiches and drank the soda at Foresthill. Then Meghan took off to get us our 75 to Cal 2. Craig had been fired and he was hurt anyway so it was Meghan's deal. Needless to say, Ms. US National 100K Team 71'd it and was napping by the time I got there. The highlight of the whole day for me was the last 15 minutes of the run. Here's that story:

After Cal 1 I was hurting. Meghan had dropped me and nobody was behind to save me. I labored up Mackey hill to the flats and on about the 6th roller (it's the one that's always really hot on race day) I heard Craig come up behind me. Sweet! He asked me how I was doing and I grunted a reply. He said we were right on the 75 bubble and we rolled. We got to Cal 2 in 74:15 hootin' and hollerin'. I was psyched, so was Craig.

For me, it was the best 15 minutes of running this season and it got me a step closer to my WS Goal. Thanks Craig. For helping me out I'll cut 10 mins off the 10 year bet! Time for bed.


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Craig Thornley said...

That was a lot of fun for me, too. Next year you gonna let me lead the 75 again? Wish I could have run the whole thing but ... I think I made the right decision.

c jisl wisl, rumor has it you don't want me to get in the top ten so I can help you crew your dad. I think that's a compliment - thanks.

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Paul Charteris said...

You are truly dedicated to the cause. Eating ice cream sandwiches on a day like that deserves some sort of award. A tough hard run on a difficult day - well done!

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