Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Settling In...

With a few inches of snow on the ground and temperatures hovering around zero it is clear that winter has settled in to the Northern Rockies. As such, I have pulled out the Ice Bugs and the multiple layers to go along with the headlamp as I confront the lonely early morning training runs of the next few months.

It's all about base-building at this time of year anyway and there's something that tells me running with frozen eyelashes builds character. That said, I must admit, it takes three cups of coffee to get me out the door in December. I'm already looking forward to my trips to SF, NM, Texas and CA over the next few months to give me a bit of a reprieve from the cold and the ice. But, I'm also prepared to embrace winter and get out to carve some turns, ski the track and, of course, enjoy those PBR's!


FastED said...

I'm looking forward to you buying me some PBR's on tap after WTC... That's all the motivation I need to get me out the door in sub-zero weather!

btw - they just posted the application for HR... http://www.run100s.com/HR

Craig Thornley said...

I don't think it's winter anywhere else in the country. You sure have it rough, dealing with darkness and the snow and cold of the Northern Rockies.

AJW said...

FastEd, yes, it will be great to buy you a few PBR's after WTC this year. One thing you should know, however, you'll need to do karaoke first.

And LB, my, my, my, the sarcasm. You know that I have the toughest life of anyone in ultrarunning and that is, quite frankly, what makes you so jealous. But, I understand.


Anonymous said...

We have a blizzard warning with wind chills expected to be -35 to -45F tonight here in cornland..., yet I managed to run over 3 hour and 20 minutes today, Midwest style, wind blowing sideways in every direction...of course, at CB pace that's probably 5 miles...drink another cup of coffee and quite your whinning -- get your butt out there! I've got all the cold and no Rockies!!!

Anonymous said...