Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Day 1 - Placer HS to The River and back

44 Miles in 7:28. 3:25 out and 4:03 back. Temps in the mid-80's. The Course is in excellent shape. On the run I hit or exceeded all of my projected splits on return trip. MonkeyBoy joined just after Hwy 49.

River to Green Gate - :21
Green Gate to ALT - :55
ALT to Brown's - :44
Brown's to Hwy 49 - :43
Hwy 49 to No Hands - :32
No Hands to Placer HS - :33

All in all a good first day. Slight change of plan for tomorrow: Robinson to The River starting late enough to take advantage of the heat.



Anonymous said...


Man, I sure wish I was down there with you guys. It was 56 degrees here today and we're skiing again this weekend at Willamette Pass!

Good splits today, especially from 49 to the finish.

Watch out for the Chickenhawk pot farmers tomorrow. Stay on the course.


Derek said...

Wow, nice splits Andy. Be aware that the trail is still a little hard to find leaving Robinson Flat. Have fun out there.

Anonymous said...