Sunday, June 1, 2008

500 Miles

I just added up my May mileage and was surprised to see I had 508 miles for the month. The last time I did a 500 mile month was May, 2005. It has certainly been a while but it feels good, nonetheless. I get sore walking up stairs, my feet hurt every morning when I get out of bed, and I can't seem to get enough to eat, ever. In short, it's that familiar feeling a month before Western States

So, going into the last two weeks of hard training for Western States, I think I am on target. One more track workout on Thursday will give me an indication of footspeed and then it will come down to a few more hard days in the mountains and a good rest.

This weekend was a decent indicator of where I am. I did a 28 miler on rolling terrain in 4 hours yesterday and then a 35 miler today with over 7k of climbing in 5:45. I still need to do a bit of last-minute quad seasoning on the course as well as some more heat training but with 26 days to go until the Big Dance I think I'll be fine in that department. All in all, I'm happy to be getting in to the home stretch and I do think there's something to be said for that long-term muscle memory.

Happy June!



Anonymous said...

That's a big month, AJW. Not Anton-big, but for an old guy that's a lot of miles.

When do you do the chairlift downhill repeats at the ski area?


keith said...


Nice Mileage!!

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Please visit:

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Brad Mitchell said...

Nice work Andy - Yea, not Anton big but doesn't he estimate his miles? So what is Anton big?

Keep it up, stay healthy, I'll be joining you soon on the trail.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Great job with your training. They'll be some fast boyz up front it will be interesting to see how many of pieces of wreckage you pick off before the end of the race.

I drove 1828 miles back to Cedar Rapids after a tough weekend training in Sisters, so I more than tripled your mileage!

I too am on my final couple of key workouts and sharpening my 24 hour speed for States! This week is my final peak week....
Monday - 90 min
Tues - 30 min am, pm - 10x800, 75 min
Wed - 60 min
Th - 30 min am, 60 min pm with 30 min tempo
fri - 30 min am, 20 min pm with 6x200
sat - 6.5 hours hill repeats, Galena Ill. ski resort, get at least 70-90 minutes of descent time
sunday - run as far as I can on the flat rollers in the heat and humidity of Iowa..5-7 hours

At States, I figure if I walk where it's hard to run and run where it's easy to run, I should get there! So much for my technical approach.....

I got some press, you know ultrarunning isn't big in Iowa when a 24 hour dude gets press...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog, I'm still hurt you don't have me up there with Anton and the boys in your picks....(yeah...right,not).....

God Bless,


Andy Mc Breen said...


I am in he Education business too as an Elementary Music teacher in Phoenix.

I have run two 50K ultras and saw you run in the 2007 Javalina 100.

Anyway, Isn't it a great escape or balancing activity from or shared daily grind?

Good luck to you in California at
WS 100.


Anonymous said...