Sunday, April 6, 2008

Western States

The excitement at American River has added two more strong men to the Western States field. Anton and Lon are now added to the long list of contenders with less than three months to go. As I wrote in a post several months ago I was hoping for the most competitive field ever at 2008 WS and it is shaping up to be pretty close to that. With Anton, Lon and Todd (1st at Cool, 4th at AR) joining Koerner, Skaden, Cooper, Meltzer and a whole bunch of others the race is shaping up to be truly outstanding. Add to that the potential for a snowy first section and super-hot canyons and it should be a great day. As the day draws near I will, of course, have more to say, but as for now, I guess we all better get out there and train!


Anonymous said...

Anton was incredibly impressive at AR yesterday. Only 9 minutes off of arguably one of the toughest course records in the country. Of course, there is the "rookie" stigma at WS, but the bottom line is that this young man has never lost an ultra and has now proven himself to be quite versatile, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anton. You forgot to log in before you posted that.

Seriously, though. Congratulations on a well executed race yesterday.

AJW said...


I am glad you said "one of the toughest course records" because with that I agree. Tom's 5:33 is stout. However, I would say that Jim O'Brien's 17:35 at AC is still the toughest (or, possibly, 2nd toughest after Carpenter's Leadville)


Anton said...

Hahahahaha, anonymous #2, I haven't taken to posting in the 3rd person quite yet, but I'm flattered, nonetheless. Thanks for the was a fun race on a gorgeous day.

I haven't run AC (yet) but I would say that Carpenter's Pbville record is a fair bit tougher than Tom Johnson's AR. But, these things are so difficult to compare.

Anonymous said...

Per my previous comemnt on your pre-race post, TAKE IT TO VEGAS BABY!!!

Joe K.

Paul Charteris said...

Hi Andy

I have a couple of photos of the top 3 guys on my blog below:

Now, the open question remains, will another entrant or two be added from the Miwok field. I hear Jon Olsen is entered.

Cheers, Paul

AJW said...

I think Miwok could get a couple more guys in. I'd love the field to be rounded out with Jurek, Olsen and Mackey (they're all on the Miwok list and if Hardrock is canceled Scott could come on board)


Scott Dunlap said...

You have your work cut out for you, buddy. Luckily for me, the 24 hour cutoff will stay at 24 hours (unlike the top 10). ;-)

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Anonymous said...

It's off topic...but what INOV-8's are you running in?


(I talked with you briefly at In-n-Out just after Cool, while waiting for your food)