Thursday, April 3, 2008

AR 2008

In a recent post I gave a WS spot to Krupicka but a quick look at the entrants suggests it may be a tough race for the ment who want those top-3 spots. Here are some of the guys on the list:

Lon Freeman -- Sick race at Miwok in 2007. Ran his guts out for 78 miles at WS
Erik Skaden -- Owns this race on local ground. Is tapered for it.
Nick Bingham -- Former WS top-10 guy. Good footspeed
Lewis Taylor -- 2007 WTC winner. Hungry, smart.
Scott Jaime -- Mountain guy with surprising footspeed in the short stuff
Todd Braje -- 2008 WTC winner. 2:20 marathoner
Oz Pearlman -- Superfast East Coast guy. Sub-5:30 50 mle speed on roads
Michael Buchanan -- Consistently tough NorCal guy
Guillermo Medina -- Can never be counted out as he know what it takes to run hard
Jorge Pacheco -- Depending on which Jorge shows up can be focused and fast
Anton Krupicka -- Super-fast, insane high mileage guy

So, all in all, it looks like one of the most competitive races at AR in recent years. Too bad MonkeyBoy won't be there!



Grae Van Hooser said...

I believe this will be the fastest male AR field on paper ever(Unfortunately, the women's field is extremely weak, as it has been for the last several years.) But what is on paper, like States, does not always go true to form. Many a runner in this race has burned the first half on the pavement, only to fold in the second half.The forecast calls for temps in Sac. and Auburn to top out at 64 degrees. A gift. Could Tom Johnson's CR be erased? I think it is one of the toughest records in the country @ 5:33.

Anonymous said...

My prediction is Tony in 5:30. but Lon and Oz will be close behind and udner 6:00. Take it to Vegas baby!

Joe K.

AJW said...

Joe K,

I think I know you. How's the VT training going?

Anonymous said...

Watch for Jen Shelton on the Womens Side...capable of a course record!

Paul Charteris said...

Hi Andy

I hope you do not mind if I spoil the suspense. Here is how the day unfolded as I saw it. Do not quote me on times, these are aproximations.

I watched the leading runners for mre than half the race so I got to see how things developed. What a Horserace, what an AMAZING horserace!!!

At mile 20 or so (Nimbus Fish Hatchery) the young guy from NY (Oz Pearlan) was off in front. Five guys were 30-40 seconds down running as a pack (like you see the Kenyans doing in Marathons). Erik was 30 seconds back. Lon and another runner were a further :30, Jorge Pacheco :30 and James Bonnet at :30.

Same story at Negro Bar and Beals. Oz in front, 5 or so chasing in a really tight pack (10 seconds betrrn them), Erik and Lon running alone behind the pak and within sight of each other.

At Twin Rocks (mile 30 - now on trails), Oz still alone in the lead, Anton now clear in second. The pack has broken apart. Next 6 runners all :30 from each other. Very evenly spaced 4mins between the top 8 runners. Erik in 7th, Lon in 8th.

Horseshoe Bar (mile 38). Now, with some serious trails behind them. Anton 4 mins in the lead and running comfortably. Oz in 2nd. Todd Braje in 3rd 2 mins back, Erik and another runner share 4 and 5th another 1-2 mins back. Lon in 6th :30 behind the other two.

Last Gasp (mile 47.7). Anton almost 10 mins ahead. Todd Braje second, Erik comes around the corner and can and now see Todd :30 ahead, Lon comes around the corner and can see Erik and Todd :30 and 1 min ahead, respectvely. Three incredible runners within sight of each other but only two Western States slots can be shared between them.

On the road (mile 48.5). Erik passes Todd at the chainlink fence to take second place. Lon hunts Todd with maximum effort but was at this stage still :30 down from the coveted 3rd place slot.

Anton, Erik and Lon are phenomenal ultra runners. Their pacing and race strategy was perfect. On any other day Todd might have held second but he fell by the river and has a suspected broken hand. He is a true class ultra runner just to hang with Erik and Lon despite massive pain.

1. Anton Krupicka
2. Erik Skaden
3. Lon Freemen

The best spectator event I have ever witnessed in Ultrarunning!!!!

I am very very happy Anton and Lon will now join the field for Western States. I'll post photos of all 3 guys at the finish in a couple of days.

Cheers, Paul