Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ultrarunner of the Year and My Plans for 2008

I'd like to get my votes in early for Ultrarunner of the Year even though none of this is official.

My top-5 male list looks like this:

1. Karl Meltzer
2. Scott Jurek
3. Hal Koerner
4. Kyle Skaggs
5. Anton Krupicka

With close 6th and 7th going to Jasper Halekas and Greg Crowther

My top-5 female list looks like this:

1. Nikki Kimball
2. Krissy Moehl
3. Anne Lundblad
4. Suzanne Bon
5. Liz Irvine

And, since many people have asked, here is my 2008 Race Schedule:

Way Too Cool 50K- March (if I'm quick enough on the keyboard!)
Coyote Two Moon Ultra - March (if I can convince my family that Ojai in March is a good call)
Western States 100 - June (going for my 5th consecutive top-10 and the Masters CR)
Vermont 100 - July (defending my first win)
Leadville 100 - August (just trying to stay ahead of Kulak)
Wasatch 100 - September (if I get in)
Grand Teton 100 - September (if I don't get in to Wasatch)
Javelina Jundred - October/November (just because)

Of course, all this could change but if I'm sitting here one year from now and all this has come true, I'll be a happy man.

Rest hard people!



Jasper said...


I'm honored to even be in the discussion, but I doubt I deserve to be that high. True, I won four races and a national championship this year, but all were against primarily local competition.

Off the top of my head, my top eight guys for UR of the year would be:

1. Scott Jurek
2. Karl Meltzer
3. Kyle Skaggs
4. Greg Crowther
5. Tony Krupicka
6. AJW
7. Hal Koerner
8. Howard Nippert

For performance of the year, I'll go:

1. Scott at Hardrock
2. Hal at WS
3. Matt Estes at Hurt
4. Tony at Leadville
5. Kyle at Wasatch
6. Nippert at World Cup 100k
7. Paul Dewitt at Heartland
8. Jon Olsen at Rio Del Lago

Pretty sure I'm missing something here...

For ladies, I agree totally with your list.


P.S. Your 2008 race schedule makes me tired just looking at it.

Paul DeWitt said...

All this talk is still a bit early (JFK, Sunmart, ATY, Ultracentric, etc. still to come), but so far this year ....

For Performance of the year, while not a 100 miler (which seem to get most of the attention), Lon Freeman's Miwok 100k was sick. I have run that course and his time beat an already good CR, in my opinion.

Rogue Valley Runners said...

Andy my man,

Good list, but I still can't give Karl the nod over Scott as much as I like to give credo to the 100 mile trail runners.

I would like to mention that Kyle didn't lose a race in 07, much like Tony. It was a fantastic year with a lot of amazing performances. However it is not over yet!

AJW said...

Yes, Rogue Valley Man, the year is not over for most, but it is for me!

And, you're right, Kyle had an incredible year. Watching him at Wasatch was amazing. I just can't let these young guys run away with too many prizes.

Looks like Tony is lining up for WS. Should be fun!