Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It's that time of year and I'd like to give thanks to some of the people who have made this year so special for me:

Race Directors: Wendell and Sarah, Greg, Sean, Greg (again!), Jim, Lisa and Jay, and Rodger and Jimmy. Thank you so much for your extraordinary events. I look forward to sharing the trails with all of you in the future.

Pacers: Kyle Hoang - You got me to the River fast. I needed a strong split from Cal 2 and you did it. Thanks! Jeff Hutson - What can I say? When I wasn't choking up Gu from another hilarious Sawchuk story I was on the rivet as you had me chasing Tweit (at least in my mind). Hope we can do it again. Bryon Powell - You brought me back to life and made me feel like a runner. We had fun too! James Bonnet - I was toast at Mile 90 and your youthful energy gave me what I needed. To all you guys, Happy Thanksgiving!

Competitors: Craig Thornley - Our early season battle at Cool was one for the ages. Nothing like hammering home for a top-25 finish. Graham Cooper - I thought you were closer than you were and everybody told me you were popping Advil like candy but you held me off. Good thing you had a cooler full of beer at the finish. James Kerby - You had me totally freaked out at Vermont. I wanted that win badly and I knew you were closing. I hope you are getting back to it after your injury. Matt Hart - Man, for a first timer you really nailed it! Right to the end I knew I had to hammer to get it done. Jorge Pacheco - You did it again. I can't think of a more humble classy guy to lose to. Your race was awesome!

My Crew: To Shelly, Carson, Logan and Tully you make me a better runner just by being there. I cannot think of a better crew. Get ready for another fun ride!

There are many others out there who know I'm thankful but it's late and I have turkey to make. So, that's all for now.

Here's hoping for an even better 2008!