Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hardrock Lottery

Looks like there are 427 names in the hat for Hardrock as of October 29th. At that rate there will be as many as 800 by the time Dale starts pulling the names on December 4th. By my calculations I have three tickets this year (one for my 2009 finish, one for not getting pulled last year, one for this year) which I would guess would give me about a 12% chance of getting in this year. In all likelihood, the HRH lottery will be tougher to beat than the WS lottery. Amazing!


Edward said...

AJW, don't forget that even though you expect 800 applicants, you need to take into account their multiple tickets as well. After all is said and done, you'll probably have odds south of 10%, which gives me a 3% chance of getting in. Great.

ultrastevep said...

I also have three...2 finishes and one for entry this year. I don't expect to get in.
Good luck!

solarweasel said...

wow! i too am a 3% chance. might as well start making the back up plans :P