Saturday, June 4, 2011

WS Snow!

OK, since everyone's talking about it I figured I would too. The snow in the Sierras is simply lingering. Here are a couple of tidbits:

1. Squaw will be open for skiing, yes skiing, on July 4th weekend.
2. The Tevis Cup Horse Race, originally scheduled for mid-July, has been moved to October due to heavy snowpack.

What does this mean for WS100?

Well, I would be surprised if they moved the date of the race so, here's my thinking (and all of this is conjecture)

1. If they can get into Robinson Falt we'll slog through all the snow like we did last year (although there is more this year) and take the road down to the reservoir and the Poppy Trail and bypass Lyon and Red Star Ridge before climbing up to Duncan on that heinous, exposed, muck-pit of a trail. Then, from Duncan we'll run the normal course (albeit with some sketchy, snowy parts)

2. If they can't get into Robinson Flat we'll be re-routed around all that high country onto the southern exposures and then somehow re-join the regular course around Miller's Defeat. I know nothing about this route but I have heard from some folks that there are tons of sweet trails out that way so it could be fun. Although, I must admit it would be strange to not go to Robinson (i guess they skipped Robinson last back in 1995 (the Fire and Ice Year) please correct me if I am wrong.

3. Same as two but instead of doing the trail they bring us out on to the pavement (like they did in the '80's) and then re-join the course sometime around Duncan.

4. Forget the whole WS100 course and just do the AR50 Course as an out-and-back:)

All this bring to mind the thought of how snow gets into peoples heads especially if they have not done much snow running. Clearly, snowy running favors Alaskans and guys from the Pyrenees but how else do you think all this will shake out? 20 days!



Craig Thornley said...

Interstate 80. Always plowed and a straight shot to Auburn. Get off at either Colfax or Foresthill Rd and join the course proper.

brownie said...

I don't know much about the course, but as long as we don't miss Brown's Bar I'll be happy.

FastED said...

maybe I should get insurance on my plane tickets...

The more snow, the better for me.

btw - it snowed another foot in the Sierras last night...

Koz said...

I don't know what the big deal is... there's still 20 days to go, plenty of time for that HP to set in and melt that snow...right, LB? :)

narendra said...

I think that if there is enough snow, they will snowmobile into Lyon and Red Star, and if Duncan Creek isn't too high, they could conceivably plow to get to Robinson and limit crew access. So nearly all of the first 30 miles could be on snow.

Right now the snow pack for this day in June is equal to the record year 82-83.

La Duc said...

Amazing how you look like death but manage to push even harder. Good luck this year man.

-David La Duc-

From my Flip:

Mike Alfred said...

I heard Haile is so excited about the snow that he is coming out of retirement just to run Western States this year. Can you confirm that AJW?

pk said...

how bout an out and back starting from auburn and turning around at eldorado canyon?