Friday, April 15, 2011


I was talking to a guy at my school today who grew up in Squaw Valley and whose parents still live there. According to them, the current snowpack in Squaw is as high as it's been since 1952! Wow! Now, I know we have global warming and all these days but that's alot of snow. Thinking back to the "Fire and Ice" Year has gotten me thinking that this could be a very interesting year at the Dance.

From what I've heard along the grapevine, as of today, there are basically three options:

1. The original course to Lyon Ridge, Cougar Rock, Red Star, etc...(I am guessing 30% chance)

2. Last year's course which cut south a mile before Lyon Ridge and rejoined the original course about a mile below the Duncan Canyon Aid Station. (45%)

3. A new "snow course" that would follow last year's snow course and also bypass Robinson Flat to the southwest (if it's inaccessible) and, using a bunch of supposedly sweet trails that exist on that south side of the ridge, rejoin the course at or near Miller's Defeat Aid Station. (25%)

I am intrigued by all of this and, of course, there is still time for it all to change. But, one thing's for sure, the excitement is building going into this year's Dance and the intrigue about the snow is making it that much more interesting.

That, and the fact that a pastor in Oakland has predicted 130 degree temps in El Dorado Canyon on June 25th:)


FastED said...

Damn. I should have signed up for Hard Rock.

Speedgoat Karl said...

Fast should know better anyway. :-)