Thursday, January 13, 2011

POY Ruminations

Before I post the POY poll I thought I'd get a little discussion going. Of the following five performances, what are the top-3, and why?

Geoff Roes Western States
Scott Jurek World Championships 24 hour
Mike Wardian World Championships 100K
Dave Mackey Firetrails 50 mile
Anton Krupicka Western States


Bryon Powell said...

Roes - Western States. No explanation needed... this should be the unanimous choice for Ultrarunner Mag's POY voting, but if an explanation is needed. It's about half an hour faster than the course record on what is routinely the most competitive 100 mile course in the US and, ofter, the world.

Scott Jurek - 24 hour record. Not an event often contested by all of the top US guys, but enough have done it that this is a legit record.

If I had to pick from the other three, probably Krupicka at WS due to the competitiveness of the field and the fact that he broke the old record, too.

HOWEVER, I'd Wardian's IAU 50k, and Neal Gorman's Grand Slam record in the top 5. Originally, I would have had Krupicka's White River CR... but that's not like setting the WS CR... even if he lost.

Burt said...

Jurek has the POY. An AR trumps a WS record, as does the quality of the field at an IAU World Championship trump that of WS.

I respect Wardian for entering the realm of the trail-gods and getting beaten by them. Hoping they will return the favor and run the US 100km champs against him sometime.

Jeff said...

I agree with Bryon - in fact my post was going to be almost exactly the same. I don't think anything compares to Geoff's performance at Western States and when you read his race report you can see how it could have gone very bad for him, but his decision to slow down and regroup ultimately won hime the race.

Then Scott second for getting the American record in the 24-hour, and Krupicka third for pushing Geoff at WS.

Brett said...

I would go Jurek, Roes, Kupicka in that order. Then a big gap to other folks the ones you listed.

Did John Dewalt finish Hardrock 100 last year? I would put that way down the list somewhere as he is 74 years old or some shit. Mike Morton (previous WS100 winner) ran 154 miles at Hinson Lake in a 24 hour was over 90F for half the race in high humidity and on a trail...and many more performances by the same people on this list in other races. There was a whole slew of amazing performances and new course records this year I would put in a second tier grouping.

Anonymous said...

I would go with Roes at Western States followed by Krupicka. Even though Jurek's record was impressive he was really running a race with himself on easy terrain.

The race between Roes and Krupicka was one of the best ultra races with the best field of competitors. Also add to the fact that both guys broke course records makes it even more remarkable.

Speedgoat Karl said...

1. Roes, WS
2. Jurek, 24-hour
3. Krupicka, WS
4. and this is where it's tricky...Dakota Jones, San Juan Solstice 50.
5. Krupicka, White River.
6. And if there is a #6, Zach Gingerich 13:23 at Umstead, that was quick too.

And it's an honor to be on the list of 4 "masters". I had a decent year going until the broken arm messed with me. The 2064 miler has to count for something...thanks for the love. I promise 2011 will be better..

AJW said...

Interesting comments so far everyone. I think DeWalt dropped this year at HRH but I am not sure about that. And, I agree that Morton's 153 miles turned some heads and was a blast from the past. I'd love to see him get back into the 100 mile trail running scene. And, seems like Geoff, Scott and Anton (in some order) are the clear top-3 in reader's minds. I would just say that Wardian's running (given his race schedule) and Mackey's CR at Firetrails (it was a very old record held by Carl Andersen) were both very stout.

And, while on the subject of CR's, I'd love to see Geoff, Anton and Scott go down to Angeles Crest and give O'Brien's CR a shot. I may be mistaken, but I think it's the longest standing CR of any 100 mile trail race in the country.

brownie said...

Dewalt did not start Hardrock this year. He was injured at the Barkley.

lonerunman said...

Unless you're talking men's POY only, how about Diana Finkel crushing the women's CR at Hardrock this year and almost winning the race outright? Stunning stuff.

From your list, I'm down for Jerker at the 24-hr. It was an exceptional performance, and reveals what a truly versatile, adaptable, and dominant runner Scott is against deep and strong fields.

Roes for WS comes in up there too, by saying this I acknowledge the general (and your personal :-) sentiment about this race but I'd argue that while worthy, it get more emotional attention than it might deserve. If UTMB had come off this year, it would have blown WS away - stay tuned for 2011's issue. Please don't get me wrong, I'm talking infinitesimal degrees of difference and acknowledge how awesome the top of the field is at WS.

I'd add Karl for his Pony Express run: that was not a race, but as far as a strict ultrarunning performance, that was the shizz.

Bryon has a good point about Gorman's overall GS record too - he was way up in the standings in all four events, so like Karl, it's a collective performance rather than an individual day.

It's getting harder to do these every year as people get better, isn't it? :-)

Fixated on the Trail said...

Roes - WS performance was off the charts.
Jurek - He ran out of his mind at Worlds.
Krupicka - Nearly took the CR @ MiWok. Pretty good for 1st time on the course. WS Performance and WR50 Performance as well.
Dakota Jones - This kid ran like a veteran all year long, but SJS legitimized that he is the real deal.
Mackey - Fire Trails
Gingerich - Umstead

GMack said...

In ultrarunning, I think masters starts at 50 y/o. IMO the master's POY goes to Tom Jarding who, at 54, broke the record on the Iditarod Trail Invitational 1100 by 1 1/2 days. UR magazine made no mention of it.

Yea, the ITI is off nearly everyone's radar, but it's probably the toughest race in the sport and even this year's top contender for UROY is 0 for 2 there.

Speedgoat Karl said...

GMack, yah, it should start at 50 years old for Masters, cuz' I don't feel like a master, nor does any of those 4 listed really run like "masters". I like it.

Geoff said...

Thanks for chiming in on the ITI Glenn. i couldn't agree with you more. i think that race is just too tough for people who haven't tried it to even believe that it's a real thing.

runner521 said...

Roes @ Western States. What an awesome run. And although that's not an AR, that's arguably the best American 100 mile trail run put together. I think this performance is the uncontested greatest ultra feat of the year. Despite his troubles midway, this is the closest to a flawless performance that you're gonna get for the distance.

Anton 2nd. Considering that he pushed the pace so hard and was leading for the first 90, you gotta give him credit. With the competition level so high this year, these 2 deserve the top 2 spots.

Scott @ #3. The AR is great but I do not think its quite on the same level as the top 2. That being said, this was still an incredible run. I'm ready to see more of this side of Scott in 2011

Wyatt Hornsby said...

1) Scott Jurek - 165 miles at the 24-Hour World Championship. To go at that pace for 24 hours on a punishingly hard surface is incredible.

2) Geoff Roes - Western States CR. Obviously ran the perfect race and beat more than a few studs.

3) Mike Wardian - 100K World Championship.

4) Krupicka at White River. Beat his own CR, which had previously beaten Uli's CR. Amazing run. Krupicka seems unbeatable at 50 miles. Would love to see him against Matt Carpenter in peak shape.

5) Gingerich at Umstead. Smokin' fast.