Friday, May 7, 2010

50 Days

Now, at last, I am getting excited! If you've done this deal for any length of time you know that at this point you have about 30 days left to finish stacking the hay in the barn and then 20 more days to let it dry so it's good enough to eat. I don't know about the rest of you but for me, the next 30 days are truly what it's all about.

I am tired pretty much all the time.

I eat just about everything in sight.

All jobs not related to preparing for WS (aside from the one the pays the actual bills:) are put on hold until June 27th (although I have promised to clean to garage on Mother's Day)

I ride in the car with the heat on all the time.

I spend more time in the sauna than I do sleeping.

I love every single moment on the trail.

Truly, this is what it's all about!


Anonymous said...

All the thing's we do to make for a great race day! It's got too feel great going to WS! Maybe someday, it's on my bucket list!

Matt said...

Thank God you're such a nut.

Good luck, AJW, going top 10.
I'm pulling for ya.

Scott Dunlap said...

Is that true about the sauna? I figured you just slept in one.

OD said...

Consider letting the hay dry before putting it up in the barn, otherwise, you risk it catching fire. Oh - I get it - a barn burner! You go Jizzle.

Garett said...

Cheers to 30 days, AJW! My Hardrock cycle has me about 13 days after you. I just wish there was a Hardrock equivalent of living in a sauna ... well, actually, there is one, but I can't afford one of those special light-air chambers to acclimate!

Do you wake up at 11 PM in the evening craving a big bowl of cereal, too?

Anonymous said...


brownie said...

You need to get this minor league race out of the way so you can come play with the big boys at Leadville!

Anonymous said...