Friday, October 16, 2009

Like Father Like Son

Here is a picture of my 9 year-old son Logan, with me by his side, pushing through the last 100 meters of his mile run yesterday. He squeezed in just under 7 minutes. Kid loves to run, go figure!


GZ said...

HA! Good stuff. Now we just need the video of him ralphing and then saying, "let's get this done."

Good shot.

Unknown said...

That's awesome!


Craig Thornley said...

Don't I recognize Logan as an ultrarunning magazine cover boy?

Sept UR

He looks to have a promising future in running.

Bob - said...

So Daddy "Why can't I pace you at WS this year?"

... umm son cause your only 11 years old :-)

(just prepping you AJW for the that future conversation - LOL )

Great Pic!, Congrats Logan on a very fast miler !!!

Ted Nunes said...

AJW... thats a great picture.. I had the same experience with my 9 year old daughter last month. She ran a 1 mile kids race and ended up winning in 7:11. It was the first time I saw agony in her face. She was really pushing. The funny thing is.... she said she had to stop and tie her shoe half way through the race.

Great Experience!

TonyP said...

Really awesome. I can't wait for my girls to start hitting the trails.

Jamie Donaldson said...

Hi AJW...running with my Dad when I was 6 was what got me started! Your boys are really lucky! it true--the Brazil 135??? Is Badwater in your future after WS???

Unknown said...


I agree with Jamie Donaldson, your boys are really lucky in the sense that if they are into running, they have a great example and mentor in their dad.

I think I have a silent hope (except now on this blog) that my 4 year old son and/or 2 year old daughter will end up loving trail running, and that we can share that together when they are older. Running a 100 miler when I am 60 and my son is 20 is not a bad goal.

My son loves to run, but he's more of a "sprinter", like I was up through high school. Although a couple of weeks ago on one of my morning runs this 4 year old actually ran the first mile with me around the neighborhood with only one rest break of about 30 seconds. I thought that wasn't bad.

One thing is, and I am sure you feel the same regarding your kids, I won't push the running on them.

If they come to enjoy it naturally, fine. If not, I will support them in whatever sport or intellectual endeavor that they end up pursuing.

Jamie mentions other ultras you might pursue. I told Craig Thornley recently of a 308KM ultra that goes from the Western Korean coast (the Yellow Sea) to the Eastern Korean coast (the Pacific Ocean).

Craig said that I was nuts, and that I should finish a 100 miler before I start thinking about running in a 191 mile race through the rugged mountains of Korea that had only kimchee and green tea at aid stations that only come around every 50KM.

I didn't even tell Craig that the ultramarathon in Korea that goes from the Northern border of South Korea to the Southern tip is over 500KM! Yes, they actually run one that far. I can't remember how far the Spartathalon is, but these have got to compare.

Take care, good luck in your continued 5 minute mile training, and thank you for your blog.

Unknown said...

Soooo.... what's the deal with BR135? The entrant list says you're in - I emailed Mario Lacerda to see if I could get in... all full! He said you got in on the second go-round.

Unknown said...

Soooo.... what's the deal with BR135? The entrant list says you're in - I emailed Mario Lacerda to see if I could get in... all full! He said you got in on the second go-round.

Anonymous said...


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