Saturday, September 27, 2008

1.86 Miles in 47:44

I ran my first Baldy Hill Climb today. It was the slowest 1.86 miles of my life!

It was the 30th anniversary of this community bonding torture chamber. The race itself runs straight up the mountain from Warm Springs lodge to The Top. Starting at 5,880 feet the finish rests at 9,020 feet. There are a bunch of cheerful people up there greeting you but nobody cares. You're just glad it's over. I don't care to do the math but it was, to say the least, an absolute sufferfest. I finished 9th. 2nd in my age-group. The most impressive performance was turned in by 64 year-old Del Pletcher. He beat me by over 3 minutes. In short, the dude's a cardo animal who clearly defies the clock (like a bunch of other people around here!) If you ever wondered what it might feel like to have two railroad spikes jammed into your calves repeatedly for an hour or so this event is for you. And, the post-race party at Apples Bar and Grill is about as good as it gets. It feels like Europe. Except everyone speaks English, I think...