Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Caumsett and Cool

I have returned home to snowy Idaho after running two 50K's in six days. The Caumsett 50K in New York was flat and fast and I managed to run 3:31. Recovery was pretty quick and I bounced back for a 4:04 at Way Too Cool this past Saturday. Both races had very fast fields and the incentive to try to run hard helped me stay focused. In addition, these races also reminded me that the short stuff is tough!

This "double" was part of a new plan of mine to put some heavy volume on to my training in March so that I can jump in to a "sharpening" phase early in April giving me a longer lead-up time to longer harder workouts in May and the first two weeks of June. Of course, with this in mind, I have forced myself to take the last three days off after Cool (today was my third) before heading out tomorrow to resume my buildup to the Coyote Two Moon 100.

Needless to say, the whole Cool experience was a blast! To me, it's like Opening Day and Homecoming Weekend all rolled in to one and, as fun as the running part is, the connecting with friends part is the best. I won't get in to too much detail on this public site but fun was had by all at the Georgetown Hotel following the race as the likes of Thornley, Browning, Jurek, Taylor, E. Skaggs, Willson, Wolfe, Torrence, Koerner, Varner and the super-fast Oregon guys who smoked the race all joined hands for Karaoke and general merriment. In addition, the abuse I took during the weekend was absolutely epic. Ahh, the joys of ultrarunning.

Tomorrow, it's back to training and then on the Southern California for spring break.

Happy Spring everybody!


PS -- I changed my "settings" so comment away!


Anonymous said...

Let's see:
two 50ks 6 days apart,
four feet of snow in your yard,
Monkeyboy wouldn't open up,
Riley let's you beat him,
you miss my Chocolate Salty Balls,
but kept your pants on,
four feet of snow in your yard,
I don't buy a beer all night,
Broohahhah won't sing,
Olmstead got a blister and thinks he has to take the next month off,
Skaggs and Carly only Ashlanders to sing - WEAK!
four feet of snow in your yard,
Jurek eats burger & nails Karaoke,
we fail to see 3BU's underwear,
four feet of snow in your yard,
did I miss anything?

Thanks for the fun.


AnthonyP said...

Sorry I missed you at Caumsett (even though you probably lapped me 3 or 4 times).

Settings are great.

Trail Goat said...

Great running, Andy. I knew your were super strong, but 3:31 in February is smoking fast! ...and what a field at WTC!

We need to touch base about your training in early June. It's a long ways off, but I'll be out in SLC for some edumacation and might be able to meet up for some running.

Anonymous said...

Nice back-to-backs! Your obviously well tuned up this early in the season. Didn't realize you were also running Coyote. Cheers and good luck.


Anonymous said...

it's gonna take a lot more than just a pre race belly and nipple shot to get me to open up. so does that heart rate monitor strap serve as support for those f cup ta's or does it keep the fabric of the shirt from rubbing those mosquito bite nipples raw?

two 50K's in 6 days. that's gotta be some kinda world record....or sumthin.


Krissy said...

nice double! Congrats! Look forward to hearing your take on C2M. Hope to see you on the trails somewhere this year.

Joan Steward said...

Gm... i like it for seems to be!